Here, carved wood wall art panels were a design statement in the mid-20th century, before getting out of popularity for decades in a row. If you want an updated home, the first thing to go was the wooden art panels on the walls. Bright, sleek colour art panels were used to replace old wooden art panels what was seen as an outdated design. But now wood art panels are coming back with variety of design options. People are now using clever ways to use them in a variety of modern styles. With some sleek geometry, creative stylings and light colors, wooden arts panels are fitting well into the updated, modern spaces of homes.

Traditional ways of preparation of wooden art panels

In early times a carpenters used to construct a solid wood piece according to the size of panel needed. Usually, they have used a radial cut piece(rather than cut along the length of the tree; the opposite of most timbers are cuts), the outer sapwood were always discarded. In Italy usually seasoned poplar, willow or linden were used. It was usually planed and sanded and if needed, joined with other pieces to obtain the desired size and shape.

The wood was coated with a mixture of animal-skin glues and resin and covered with linen. A specialist did this, or in the artists studio.

Once the size had dried, layer upon layer of gesso would be applied, each layer sanded down before the next applied, sometimes as many as 15 layers as long as smooth hard surface is obtained. This stage was not necessarily done after the 16th century, or darker woods were used.

A wonderful aspect of wooden art panels is that they produce a variety of style along with it’s sleek geometry and it never goes out of style. By cutting the panels into narrow strips, you can get a more lined and geometric look. Modern spaces are all about stark geometry, so this is a good way to use wood art panels in a home nowadays. High-grade or furniture plywood makes a good painting compliment. They made extremely smooth plywood from birch, mahogany, and poplar. Hollow core door is also a painting surface and it makes a relatively light panel for wooden art.

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Wooden art panels are very difficult to make attractive. They are not Mass-produced. They are quite expensive. Wooden art panels add a rustic, not the usual, into your home. They are perfect for bathrooms, kids rooms as well as main living area. They also add a surprising design to a space you would not find a perfect fit for. Decorative wooden wall art panels are a great way to instill a warm and comfortable vibe to the overall design of the living room. Additionally, wood is an amazing medium that not only makes the home feel more tempting but effortlessly mixes with a variety of designing styles such as modern, traditional and transitions ways.

Here are 18 decorative wooden wall-paneling ideas. Take your pick.

  1. Rustic chic style:

    Rustic chic style

    It is a popular unique style in homes known as rustic chic. It’s a design where elements of rustic design combine with more modern elements. It is often made up of reclaimed barn wood and complements with rooms having light color furniture. They go very well with living rooms having light color walls.

  2. Herringbone layout style:

    Herringbone layout style

    Herringbone layout style is an interesting element of the wall, demonstrating again the value of geometric designs. The distressed texture of the wood adds even gives more attention to your living room area.

  3. Light colour wooden art panels:

    Light colour wooden art

    For a fresh look on your living room, stick to wooden art panels that has lighter colors. Lighter colors, in general, help the space feel more open.Many people with modern tastes may consider an abundance of wood to feel cramped likening it to a cozy cabin. The style here counters this fear with lots of natural light.

  4. Continuous grid design:

    Continuous grid

    In this living room, the continuous grid design wooden wall art panel is a continous grid of square shaped dark wooden panels lying along the entire size of the wall. They have designed each square wooden frame elaborately to give the living room an elegant look. Here each square of the wooden panelling can be machine-cut or hand-cut by carpenters and then assembled at site. Then they have polished the wooden panel to attain the desired finished work.

  5. Wooden art panels for ceiling:

    Wooden art panels for ceiling

    Design the ceiling in tandem with the wooden wall art panel, as like sleek rectangular cut-outs within the wooden wall paneling and ceiling create an interesting 3D effect and take the design to a whole new level.

  6. Vertical wooden patterns:

    Vertical wooden patterns

    In this design, we can see how an array of vertical wooden battens imparts a sleek and modern look to the living room in your home. The designed wall looks neat and adds texture and brings depth to the space where it is kept.

  7. Dark wood style:

    Dark wood wall patterns

    In this design, they used a dark veneer in a simple way to clad the entire length of one wall that also incorporates a shallow cavity; the dark wood provides sharp contrast to the rest of the space. Here light-coloured furniture, flooring and ceiling stand out against the dark carved wood wall art panel.

  8. Neutral shade of art panels:

    Neutral wood wall patterns

    Adding neutral shade is also a way to introduce carved wood wall art panels into the living room is by keeping the walls simple, in a neutral shade of wall paint. Use of wood panelling just behind the TV unit makes it the focal point of the living room of your house.

  9. Wooden art panels as back drops of your tv:

    Wooden art panels

    In this layout of wooden art panel design ,the carved wood wall art panel forms the background for the TV; it then travels from the wall to the ceiling where it makes provision for hidden lighting of your home and then connects to the lower floor with vertical columns. It is a very interesting way to visually connect different levels of the home and also a design statement of your house.

  10. 3-D wooden panels:

    3-D wooden panels

    This design adds function and aesthetics to the wooden wall art panel. The design of the lower cabinets are fixed to the walls. They lay horizontally long boards to create fixed wall panels. They give 3D look to your wooden wall panelling. In this design, variedly-sized rectangular box of panels of various consistencies overlap over each other. The projected panels cover up house LED lights that radiate a soft glow thereby adding warmth and improve the design of the wall

  11. Combination of different shaped wooden art panels:

    Different shaped wooden art panels

    Now in this design the wood art panel is sectioned into different shapes with organized wood fiber in different ways to form a fascinating structure in the wooden wall art panel. A diamond pattern is the main feature of this type of design. To create a gorgeous geometric effect; the natural colour variations of wood always give a vibrant look to the living room.

  12. Horizontal and vertical frame wooden art panels:

    Horizontal and vertical frame wooden art panels

    In this living room, elaborate floral carving in walnut wood forms an exclusive backdrop and adds a good design to the room. You should always try tomake sure to keep the surrounding area light, with minimum furniture to keep all attention on the wooden art panels.

  13. Wooden family trees:

    Wooden family trees

    Family trees have more than one meaning. Here the painted wood-panel tree will love and devotion intertwined like the branches of a tree. We can also make this design in the living room showing different members of the family with each branch carrying a photo of a member of the family.

  14. Wooden alphabets:

    Wooden alphabets

    Wooden alphabets are a great design factor. They normally use the rustic pieces of wood in this design. In the living room we can use this to write different quotations which will add a positive vibe to the room. Also, you can use it to write the family address outside the home.

  15. Wooden landscape art:

    Wooden landscape art

    Feel the majesty of the mountains with this juxtaposed wood creation. Here they have mainly used rusty colours such as brown, white or grey to depict the countryside. We could hang it in the living room near the furnitures. Various artworks such as mountains, landscapes and flowers can be drawn in here.

  16. Decorative wooden panels:

    Decorative wooden panels

    Filigree design will add elegance in the wooden panels. Using carving and corks to make patterns, allow them to elongate your hallway area. They can include old temple carvings in it. They mainly made it up of soft woods which are easy to carve upon. These are usually hand made as they cannot be copied made by machines.

  17. Carved wooden animal masks:

    Carved wooden animal masks

    Get animalistic with these carved wood wall art panels of animal masks. Zebras, giraffes and armadillos bound around in your living room. This will add a playful vibe. They will work extremely well in your children room also

  18. Wooden art panels designed as maps:

    Wooden art panels designed as maps

    It could be in your library or games room. Here you can either care or paint the wood along with world map and country maps in here. Making country flags along with the state in which you live is another option. It is a new design and could be an exciting addition to your living room area.

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