If you feel your living room feels incomplete or there is something missing in the place or you’re just not getting the “vibes” right, you need to consider adding a rug to your living room. Apart from giving a soft spot for your feet, it also adds texture and coziness to the place making it more comfortable. You can underscore your accent colors, create contrast, and also can maintain the balance between the elements in your living room for a neutral to bold look.

Refreshing your living room will be so much easier by adding just a statement rug to the place. Grey is undoubtedly one of the best choices for your interiors and to elevate it we have some interesting dark gray carpet living room ideas to transform your place. 

Grey is a very homey and versatile color when it comes to interior design, especially for the living room. It will help you have the place to look effortlessly stylish and understated while also helping you as a carpet to finish with the best color of your choice. With this color as a base, there are many fun elements you can pair it with but rugs are something that can really transform the look of the place.

Here we have rounded off some cool rugs that go with a gray couch and the gray interior to help you elevate the look of your place. Take a tour and tell us what you think about it.

    1. Traditional & Elegant

      Traditional and elegant rug grey

      Is there a way to modernize traditional styling? Definitely YES! You just have to pair it with gray colorways. Go for a warm and neutral gray accent wall and add an abstract gray area rug with a hint of a whole palette. This will make the place put together by keeping the traditional elements intact.   

    2. Modern Living

      Modern living rug

      Add visual interest to the space by incorporating this beautiful patterned gray and white rug. The muted gray couch and a similar throw blanket paired with beautiful textured wooden accents complete the backdrop. What really is the icing on the cake is the matching artwork on the mantle. This is heaven!

    3. Moody Contrast

      Moody contrast rug grey

      Go for darker walls with charcoal accents and pair it with a tan or beige couch and that’s it! You have created a visually warm and soothing picture of the place. Pair it with a shaded gray rug with an attractive shape and texture to finish off the décor.

    4. Texture Delight

      Texture delight rug in grey

      Textures are always loved whether added to walls or rugs. They always make the visual stand out with its unique feature. If you love textures as we do, go for textured pillows to a patterned pouf, with a beautifully woven gray area rug. Continue this theme with a couch and throw pillow to add depth and dimension to the living room.   

    5. Mixed shades of Grey

      Mixed shades rug in grey

      All the shades of gray are undoubtedly warm and welcoming and have the capacity to transform your otherwise dull home into an interesting and one-of-a-kind. Grey offers something for every space as it has both cool and warm shades. Create depth in the living area by using multiple shades of gray from bold to warm earthy undertones.

    6. Small & Cozy

      Small and cozy rug in grey

      For smaller living rooms, keeping oversized carpets can make the place cramped. Going for a small and cozy round rug can help in creating a modern and spacious appeal. Create an illusion of a bigger and brighter place by placing the round gray rug in the middle of your living space. Going with textured and neutral ones will work better than others for smaller spaces.  

    7. Nature Inspired

      Nature inspired rug in grey

      Go for a color palette that is inspired by nature complementing the neutral gray rug with a little textured surface. Pair colors like ivory, brown, and blue with the addition of indoor plants throughout the space for that additional natural aesthetic. One wall can also be highlighted with a wooden undertone to accent the aesthetics of the place.  

    8. Interesting & Unique

      Interesting and unique rug in grey

      As gray is a neutral color, you can use this color as a backdrop to highlight the other bold and interesting elements of the place. To keep the places inspiring, interesting, and unique go for patterned and colorful rugs paired with artwork and statement pieces. This arrangement can provide a base to show your creativity and showcase a cohesive design.  

    9. Contemporary Check

      Contemporary check rug in grey

      The contemporary style of the interior gives you more space to play with all the shades of gray. Contemporary is more focused on having bigger spaces with lots of open space with natural lights and air. Color palettes such as gray, ivory, beige, and brown rugs can create magic when paired with contemporary design.

    10. Fringed & Fun

      Fringed fun rug in grey

      Want a playful casual look for your place? We have found the most amazing area rug that features the borders surrounded by a unique braided fringe and trellis pattern over top. To combine the best of function and comfort, go for a wool one and a seating arrangement that helps accent the unique feature of the place.  

    11. Geometric Gem

      Geometric gem rug in grey

      To keep your place all modern, sleek, and clean looking, add some geometric shapes to your area rug. Carved rugs as shown here can add a bit of drama to your living room while keeping other elements muted and subtle.

    12. Faux Fur

      Faux fur rug in grey

      Faux fur rugs can instantly make your place feel comfortable, intimate, and cozy all year round. This can effortlessly uplift your décor from simple and boring to stylish, minimal, and interesting. For an over the top look, pair a huge furry rug with a neutral surrounding and a gray undertone.

    13. Cool Contrast

      Cool contrast rug in grey

      If you want your living room to be fun try going for contrasting colors along with gray. Instead of going with all gray, use gray as a base and add white and black to feature the important elements. Also, to make it more fun, highlight your favorite element by using bright and bold colors.  

    14. Layered Rug

      Layered rug in grey

      The neutral backdrop and simple statement rug is all we have seen in living rooms quite often. But if you need to give the living room a unique touch, go for layering with rugs. Varying shades of gray and layered rugs give plenty of texture and uniqueness to the place.  

    15. Mix Patterns

      Mix patterns rug in grey

      If you think the color is the only thing you can match in the living room, you probably need to see these matching patterns with gray as a base. The colors and patterns in the rug match so well with the surroundings that it creates symmetry in the place. There is so much more to the place than color blocking.

    16. Boutique Chic

      Boutique chic rug in grey
      Contrasting colors and mixing patterns can undoubtedly uplift the décor, but when you team it with luxe velvet upholstery in mink
      , you can get a heavenly look. This sleek and chic rug with gray on gray self-stripe is perfect to bring a hotel-like atmosphere to your living room.  

    17. Pretty Pastels

      Pretty pastels rug in grey

      Pastels are love when it comes to having a soothing and relaxing living room, we know that right? But when paired with gray, the real magic happens. Calming pastel hues bring a cheerful and cozy atmosphere. Add a little texture to the rug to get that extra soothing touch.

    18. Bohemian Elements

      Bohemian elements rug in grey

      Grey is not a preferred color when you are going with all bohemian themes but gray can surely work as a base to accent your bright boho-chic home. Go for a simple gray neutral rug to accent the boho surrounding with bright and bold statement pieces.  

    Quick Tips

    Grey is clearly the best choice if you want to add elegance and versatility to the place yet it is important to keep certain things in check to not let them break the whole look of the place.

    • Go for lighter shades to push the walls and make the place brighter and airy.
    • Keep it as a base to accent the surrounding fixtures and elements.
    • Create harmony between the floor, walls, and ceiling to have that symmetric and effortless look.
    • Choose the best one depending on the space to not make it bulky and stacked.

    All in all, it is important to create warmth and coziness in the living room with neutral and relaxing décor paired with great color and of course, cool rugs! Tell us what you think about it!

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