Halloween is just around the corner and we know you are looking for some décor inspiration! Trust us, it is never too early to start decking up for the upcoming festivals and when it’s Halloween, you need to start early to be unique and creative.

For Halloween décor, the outdoors for your home is just as important as the indoors to have those perfect spooky and creepy vibes all around the place. From pocket-friendly décor to extravagant scary lookouts, we have everything for everyone.

Here we have some unique Halloween outside decoration ideas that will completely transform your porch, front yard, and backyard and will also give your neighbours something solid to talk about.

List of Outdoor Halloween decorating ideas

  1. Enchanted Forest For Scary Outdoor Halloween

Creating an enchanted forest for your front or backyard will be one of the best ways to have Halloween feels all around the place.

Front Yard Halloween Decoration with prop in front and Spooky Light
Source: cbsaustin

Create a dense forest with pre-lit spooky trees, hidden flashy eyes, and black crows hovering all over the forest.

witch Surround fire Spooky Forest vibe
Source: Pintererst

Add an appropriate lighting and thunder effect to the whole set-up backed by the smoky fog. At the end of this forest lies the treat for trick-or-treaters.  Sounds like fun, isn’t it?

  1. Front Porch of Wicked Witch’s Cottage

When going for the Halloween décor, there is no limit for being spooky and scare the trick-or-treaters with the unique ideas.

Witch Cottage Front porch design Idea where hats are floating on roof with Witch
Source: lushome, shelterness

How about transforming your home into a wicked witch’s cottage by having witches right at the entrance? All you need is a bubbling cauldron, a circle of crones, and floating hats to create an image of Hocus Pocus.

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Full of Skeleton in Front porch and yard Outdoor Halloween decor Witch cottage Vibe
Source: Freepik

You can also add animated doorbell and witch ghoul with light and sound to finish off the “Cottage”.

  1. Halloween Graveyard in Front yard

Creating a grim graveyard on the occasion of Halloween has always been one of the top choices for homeowners.

Front Graveyard with tomb and Zombie with monster Scary Halloween Decor
Source: Google

What is more terrifying than a graveyard after all? Summon all the children into this place by creating a horrifying place with faux tombstone and finish off this décor with the material of your choice such as posable skeletons, bones, zombie hand silhouettes and much more.

Spooky Back Graveyard with tomb and Do not cross Line with Scary Lighting
Source: cbsaustin

You can also go a step ahead and carve “Game over” or “Beware” or “Enter if you dare” to make it more interesting.

  1. Outdoor Pumpkin Decorations

If you don’t want to go with a high-end Halloween decoration for the front porch, these outdoor pumpkin decorations are here to save your day.

Pumpkins Painting Ideas with carving and without carving Cool pupkin design
Source: Pinterest

All you need to do is to gather pumpkins of different sizes and fill the inside with soil and place a succulent of your choice.

Draw faces on the pumpkins and your pumpkin succulent family is ready. Now place them on the front yard or the entryway and you are done with the Halloween decorations.

  1. Skull Lanterns on Front Yard

When it comes to scary outdoor Halloween decorations, the right choice of lighting plays a big role in creating a desired atmosphere around the place.

Big Scary Skull Wearing mask Holding House under his hand
Source: Pinterest

Instead of lighting up the place with simple lights, you can have a DIY skull lantern and have it attached to your lights such as string lights.

Large Skull Lanterns in Front yard of home with Spooky Lighting during Halloween
Source: Freepik

If you are in search of lights with a Halloween twist, these lanterns will help you grab attention and also be part of the overall décor.

  1. Haunted Halloween Mansion

When searching for Halloween outside decoration ideas, you will find many spooky and scary ones but if you want to play safe, try going with a haunted mansion theme and you can never go wrong.

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Haunted vibe Skeleton All around home during Halloween event Decor
Source: Freepik

This will allow you to show your creativity and create a masterpiece.

Scary Theme based Haunted Mansion with Red Lighting and Spooky Prop
Source: cbsaustin

Try stacking the front door with gothic urns, cover the windows with tattered fabrics, animated Victorian telephone, and vampire hangings. Finish off with a creative doormat and your mansion is ready.

  1.  Upside Down Witch for Spooky Outdoor Decor

Want to go for some easy DIY idea? Try this upside down witch that looks like a witch landed headfirst on this creepy moss-filled urn. This is an easy to make Halloween porch idea to create a scary surprise.

Upside Down Witch Prop decor and Witch accident with wall
Source: Pinterest

All you need to do is dress a bendable mannequin and place it in an urn and to add to the horror, go for blingy witch shoes that shine bright in the dark.

  1. Giant Spider Attack: Decor for Halloween

Grab the attention of everyone and give them heebie-jeebies with this giant spider outside your house. Just stretch a giant triangular web over the porch to the bushes and place an oversized spider over the net.

Giant Spider Attack on the home Halloween decor Idea
Source: lushome, homebnc

Also wrap your bushes with faux cobwebs and go with subtle lighting to create that creepy effect.  We bet you will really scare the ones with Arachnophobia!

  1.  Googly Eyed Plants a Cool Yard Decor

Isn’t it creepy when in the scary dark place all the eyes are on you and staring at you in that blood-chilling way? Bring every bush and plant of your yard to life by adding these googly-eyed accents to it.

Googly Eyed Plants and Pupking for Scary Look allaround Hallween decoration
Source: Pinterest

Pair this with the surrounding décor and it will definitely scare anyone present there because “they are watching you from every corner”. This is also one of the easy DIY options if you are looking for pocket-friendly décor options.

  1. Include Scarecrows as a Halloween Outside Decoration

Adding a scarecrow to your outdoor Halloween décor is not a new thing but adding a unique scarecrow with distinct facial features can uplift the overall Halloween décor.

Scarecrows With pumpkin on his head and crow on his hand
Source: Freepik

This scarecrow is made up of products that create facial features, hair and others. You can also use white beans and Spanish moss hair to make it look more intense and interesting. Also use other props and paper crows to keep it lively.

  1. Free Spirits

Want to really take the visitors by surprise? Add these free spirits and ghosts to your décor and see the difference it makes to the Halloween party.

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Free Spirits all around home also light up during night Halloween Decoration idea
Source: Etsy

Try creating a free-floating ghost with the help of styrofoam mannequin heads and cheesecloth. Suspend them and the cloth with flutter in the wind making your Halloween décor more interesting and scarier.

  1. DIY Papers Craft For Halloween Decoration

If you are a do-it-yourselfer (DIY), this hack will make you fall in love with our décor ideas. Papers can make the Halloween décor much scarier with the right use.

Papers Based DIY Halloween decor of Spirits
Source: Pinterest

You can make bats, spiders, crows, and ravens out of the papers and incorporate them into your décor and also to the porch to make it look more like a cemetery. Use of paper, cardboard, and right lights can make magic like no other.

  1. Waiting Skeletons and mummy statue at front porch

One of the spookiest ways to scare the pants off passers by is by installing the skeletons and mummy statues to the front yard. You can also add the skeletons to the benches and can also attach them to the front door.

Skeletons and Mummy statue in front of porch
Source: Pinterest
Small Front yard decor for Halloween with pupkin hanging and Skeleton and tomb
Source: Pinterest

Welcome your trick-or-treaters with this all dressed-up skeleton door and the ones that are waiting on the benches. You can also make it scarier by adding automatic ones that pops out with the slight movement.

  1. Creepy Candy stands an Outdoor decorating

When it’s Halloween décor you have to have candy stands for the cute trick or treaters.

Halloween Creepy Candy stands for treat or Trick
Source: Pinterest

Why not play with them with some unique and scarier candy stands? You can have many candy stands such as candy door hangers with pumpkin faces, playful candy corn, an automated candy machine with just an arm, a candy bounty with a creepy twist, candy urns, and much more

Halloween Creepy skeleton Candy stands for treat or Trick
Source: Pinterest

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