A sofa is not another piece of furniture in your living room, but a piece that defines the mood of the place while also providing the ultimate comfort level. If you think about it, so much of your daily lifestyle revolves around this single piece of furniture from relaxing after a long day to relaxing and watching TV on weekends to hosting a party to just having a leisure time doing nothing but to scroll through your phone. Selection of a sofa design for the living room is a crucial task as it can make or break the whole interior of the place. A right sofa will make your place an activity hub for you and your friends but similarly a slight mistake in this selection can make you spend your entire life in your bedroom. To save you from this mishap, we have gathered some tips and tricks for selecting a perfect sofa for your living room.

Before buying one, you need to consider a few things in order to make the right choice of your sofa. You need to consider personal taste along with the room functionality to make it look modern as well as feel comfy and functional. Also, you have to take care of the spacing available so as to keep enough room for free movement. If you are wondering how to take care of all these elements for having modern sofa design, consider this ultimate guide for sofa set ideas.

Consider your Budget

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First things first. It is important for you to fix the budget of your sofa if you don’t want to spend a fortune on just a single piece of furniture. Think carefully and plan the sofa design for your living room according to your needs. Burst the myth that you can only find the perfect sofa if you have a big budget. You only need to research a bit and find the perfect match for your living room. With proper knowledge and research, you can find an inexpensive piece without compromising the quality.

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Consider Your Lifestyle

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Before diving into the concept of sofa ideas, take a moment to consider your lifestyle and what you want to do with your sofa. What you require from the sofa in a daily lifestyle, are you going to use it as a place to relax for a bit or you are a host and frequently have guests at your place. Whether you have pets or children or are you going to use it the adult way. All this will affect the choice of design, fabric, and layout.

Consider Fit and Comfort

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If you think about it, a sofa is a piece of furniture that is meant to provide you with an ultimate level of comfort and warmth in your house. There is no point in investing in a sofa that doesn’t fit well to your place or doesn’t provide the level of comfort expected out of it to you and your family. Consider the elements such as the average height of all the family members, the depth of the foam and back support needed, if you are going to nap there, is the length appropriate. Make a checklist before finalising a sofa design.

Try before you Buy

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Try before you buy. We often use this motto when we are in the hunt for a new mattress. The same thing applies to the sofa as well. There are average depths to consider so that you have a proper foot rest while sitting on the sofa. The depth of the sofa will vary based on the use of foam quality and spring. Thus, trying the one before finalising for your place will help you choose the one that fits well with your needs.

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Invest in a good Frame

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Believe us, a good frame will increase the life of the sofa and also will help you have the one with the best finishing. Try having a sofa made up of solid wood or metal rather than ones that are made up of softwood and MDF. Also, consider guarantee and warranty options provided by the seller for the sturdiness of the frame.


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Choice of fabric is one of the most crucial decisions to make as it will have a huge impact on the room. Whatever colour, pattern, or texture you go for, it is important to match that with your upholstery as the wrong one will break the whole look of the place. Also, consider your lifestyle, cleaning habits, sustainability, location of the sofa and personal style before selecting the fabric.

This will have a huge impact, say for instance, you have regular guests coming over or have pets or kids. In this scenario you will need a durable and stain resistant fabric. Likewise, if you place your sofa in a sun-exposed place, go for fade-resistant upholstery. Try investing in a good quality upholstery as it is a binding force that will keep your sofa intact for a longer duration.

 Choice of Infill Materials

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Just like the upholstery, infill is very important as it is equally important for a sofa to feel good as it is to look good. The stuffing of your sofa will decide the luxe and comfort I will give. There are three primary options available for infill, foam, down, or a mixture. You can go for one option or can choose a combination of both one for infill and one for cushions.
Measure, Measure Again

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Do you want to become like Ross Geller and shout “Pivot” all the way up as the sofa doesn’t fit? If not, it is really important to have all things measured properly. There is nothing worse than buying a piece of furniture that doesn’t even fit your living space. Measuring doesn’t only mean the living room but also hallways, doorways, and entrances. Measuring in advance will let you have a perfect piece without compromising comfort and style.

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Consider Additional Features

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Additional features are equally important while going for a modern sofa design as it makes the place look more enhanced and polished. Along with measuring the space, consider going for something different than a two and three-seater sofa. What about adopting a sofa design for the living room that has some surprise element to it that is totally different from others? Think about it.

 Number & Type of Cushion & couch

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Your couch should reflect your personal style and personality. You should be at ease when you get there and use this place for comfort. Take the liberty to go for as much cushion as you want but remember there are both pros and cons of single cushion sofas and multiple cushion sofas. Also consider the shape of cushions such as box cushions, button cushions, and bullnose cushions

Consider External Features

Sofa for living room with External Features 11
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External features such as warranties available from the seller, types of springs they are providing, accessing the overall strength of the sofa and many others affect the durability and style of the sofa. We have come up with the sofa design ideas that will not only help you have a great place to show off but also make your experience seamless.

Lastly, Make it Timeless

Lastly, how hard you try to go for living room furniture ideas that are modern and luxurious; they are going to get old-fashioned at one point of time. Going for a classic style and fabrics that are timeless is very important. Invest in some good styles to get through many years to come and that suits the décor style years down the line.

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