Looking for farmhouse living room wall decor ideas to refresh your farmhouse? Those empty walls are full of possibilities—and several additions can build a farmhouse a desire home. If you’re able to flip those stark, clean walls into trendy centre things, this will be your right place. Regardless of your vogue, we’ve got the tricks which can amp up your walls and produce out your temperament and style. Whether or not you are an art collector, a nature enthusiast, or a book lover, your walls are often custom-built in order that you’ll be enclosed by the items you love.

Farmhouse Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Here are some clever wall interior decoration ideas that are certain to add vogue to your home.

  1. Go for Large-Scale Art:

    Go for Large-Scale Art
    Source: swarez.co.uk

    An outsized painting or photograph can command attention and set the tone in an exceedingly little area. Attempt a black-and-white photograph in a very minimalist area or add color with a vivacious abstract piece.

  2. Create a Gallery Wall:

    Create a Gallery Wall
    Source: housebeautiful.com

    Nothing adds personality and color quite like a gallery wall. Show a group of art or images, or add wall hangings and different ephemera. Choose for easy, cohesive frames or herald an array of ornate variations to combine things up! Professional tip: Extend the gallery wall to the ceiling to make the illusion of a bigger area.

  3. Incorporate an Accent Wall:

    Incorporate an Accent Wall
    Source: excelhomes.ca

    Additionally to adding to the walls, consider decorating the walls themselves. Try employing a bright and bold paint color to make an accent wall. You can also usher in pattern with wallpaper, stencilling, or other decorative paint techniques. (Think regarding remodeling your ceiling whereas you’re at it!) These decorative accents will have an excellent larger impact in an exceedingly little area.

  4. Showcase fabric:

    Showcase fabric
    Source: home-designing.com

    A tapestry or decoration will add color and pattern, similarly as a way of softness to an area. Take into account framing vintage scarves or different pretty textiles. Bonus: These are a great deal easier to maneuver than framed paintings once it comes time to go to your next home.

  5. Install Shelves:

    Install Shelves
    Source: thehome.blog

    If you’ve run out of floor area for bookshelves, take your collection to the wall. Install floating shelves and show hard covers, little sculptures, and alternative odds and ends.

  6. Vintage Landscape Paintings:

    Vintage Landscape Paintings
    Source: cuadrossplash.com

    In this lounge style, designer Stephanie Sabbe was inspired by the vintage landscape paintings you see hanging on the wall. She started with one giant piece centred on top of the trunk and worked her solution from there.

  7. Thrifted Finds:

    Thrifted Finds
    Source: farmhouseonboone.com

    Not all art comes in frames. Thrifted finds like this antique botanic chart, a school staple, build a seriously gorgeous statement. Troubled to get one similar to it? We tend to found a modern rendition.

  8. Art Collection:

    Art Collection
    Source: blog.singulart.com

    Begin grouping similar items to cluster along for bigger result. Collect some antique maps in various frames, that were spray-painted gold (Gloss Gold by Krylon) to feel a lot of cohesive. (To offer them a worn look, keep smitten all with house keys once the paint dried.)

  9. Decorative Plate Art:

    Decorative Plate Art for wall
    Source: pepperfry.com

    Once passed down generation to generation and hung on the wall, decorative plates build significant art.

  10. Large and Lovely Black Amusement Wall:

    Large and Lovely Black Amusement Wall
    Source: amazon.in

    An effective and efficient way to produce an accent wall is to show it into an entire console. This wall contains a place for everything and includes each closed and open shelves, lighting, and also the excellent place for a TV. If you are trying to create an accent wall that isn’t only for appearance however serves a purpose, this is often a decent selection. This is often a particularly a smart idea if you’ve got a smaller lounge that you are just hoping to enhance while not having to sacrifice area and storage choices. With open shelves for interior decoration and closed shelves for storage, it’s a wonderfully designed piece.

  11. Chevron-Styled Rough-Textured Lounge Accent Wall Design:

    Chevron-Styled Rough-Textured Lounge Accent Wall Design
    Source: pinterest.com

    If you are trying to make an accent wall that stands out while not drawing an excessive amount of attention to itself, this style could be a smart possibility. Rather than adding a bunch of components to the wall, this feature merely turns the wall into something new all on its own. By maintaining a solid colour throughout the area, this wall maintains its connectedness to the remainder of the area however also offers a bit something additional to help it stand out. One good thing regarding this feature is that you simply ought not to sacrifice wall area so as to show art.

  12. Board and Batten Style that Includes a Shelf:

    Board and Batten Style
    Source: pinterest.com

    Board and batten could be a nice technique to feature texture and dimension to your walls. It may be a distinct colour from the upper wall or not, and it will go as high as you prefer. Just like wainscoting, this style is especially fascinating since it offers something unique shelf area. Having the few inches at the top for photos or little plants and trinkets adds such a fun and stunning twist to the current classic style. You will create a wall like this in your home simply, filling your new mini mantelpiece with all of your family’s favourite things.

  13. Rustic Chic Farmhouse Style White-Washed Walls:

    Rustic Chic Farmhouse Style White-Washed Walls
    Source: pinterest.com

    An excellent base for a fun and beautiful accent wall is classic white-washed boards. Once placed all at once, they produce a rustic, elegant look that pairs perfectly with the other picket components and achromatic interior decoration. There’s something romantic and eccentric regarding this style because it feels both homey and trendy. The rustic stylish look is incredibly abundant immediately; therefore it shouldn’t be arduous to find nice pairings to match this cool modern style. You’ll be able to purchase this stick-on reclaimed weather wood for simply $14 per square foot and canopy any wall or walls in your living space, bedroom, or kitchen.

  14. Dark and Beautiful Shiplap Wall:

    Dark and Beautiful Shiplap Wall
    Source: chrislovesjulia.com

    Finding an ideal contrast for an accent wall will be tough; however this attractive shiplap wall appears to form the choice simple. These dark wood accented walls are super cool and are a simple way to build an area feel homey however with a slight edge. This style is one that you simply wish to cozy up in, creating it similar to cold dark nights in a mountain cabin. If you’re trying to find some way to form your farmhouse feel more intimate and to emphasise the intense colours of your home, this cane be a decent alternative. It additionally goes absolutely with the ever-popular farmhouse living room wall decor chic vogue.

  15. The Proper Chalkboard Living Room Accent Wall Design:

    Proper Chalkboard Living Room Accent Wall Design
    Source: homedesignlover.com

    What might be a lot of fun than adding an entire chalkboard wall to your home? If you’ve got kids, they are certain to go crazy over the concept of it truly being okay to jot down on the walls. Of course, you’ll wish to create certain to maintain your wall well to keep it looking great. This project may be done fairly simply on your own with some amazing chalk paint and a couple of common tools. This is often an excellent choice if you wish to always be ever-changing things around a bit or if you wish freedom to make new and unique styles at will.

  16. Breath of Fresh Air Wallpaper:

    Breath of Fresh Air Wallpaper
    Source: aliexpress.com

    If you choose this wallpaper for your interior decoration, you’ll realize it arduous to not strive inhaling in the fresh mountain air anytime you enter the room. Looking like a scene from the Cascade Mountains, this lovely style features distant snow-capped peaks, lush green forests, and a mild morning mist. Made of 100% polyester, this wallpaper needs no glue or paste; it merely peels and sticks. It is also simple to get rid of if you’re ever feeling prepared for a change of scenery. However honestly, who would ever get bored of this superb view?

  17. Upward Cascading Artistic Movement Wall Panels:

    Upward Cascading artistic movement Wall Panels
    Source: teahub.io

    Need a bit of drama in your home décor? Tired of looking at white walls and smooth matte finishes? Then you’ve stumbled onto a winner. This stick-on wall panel embraces artistic movement through and through with its upward cascading style. This is often one of those items that may virtually mesmerize you with how many other ways there are to appear at the pattern. One moment it’s like a bunch of leaves overlaid on one another, and also the next it’s like a series of Empire State Buildings; it’s as much as like an abstract range of mountains because it does a wall of arrows pointed toward the ceiling.

  18. 3-D Farmhouse Living Room Wall Decor Accent Design Ideas:

    3-D Living Room Accent Wall Design Ideas
    Source: pinterest.com

    If you are trying to find an overnight transformation of your eating or living room, consider this unbelievable stick-on wall style. There is no taping, painting, or a lot of designing needed to mount this super cool geometric style. Simply opt for an outstanding wall that wants a bit of life added to that, measure the area you’d prefer to cover. Then, order the materials from a store, and apply using the enclosed Velcro tape. For even a lot of dynamism, think about painting the items before applying. This may add shape, dimension, interest, and colour to that plain-as-white-bread wall.

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