It is said that your home is your reflection. True. But what about the thing that actually reflects the surfaces? Do the mirrors in the bathroom get enough focus and decor as it needs or do we just neglect them? Mirrors can create magic in your bathroom when placed wisely and can convert the bland and boring place into an interesting and airy place.

Mirrors are more than just utilitarian pieces. They help in making the place look larger, and brighter, and tell you the truth about your appearance (Unlike people!). Mirrors can do wonders but adding a mirror frame can undoubtedly help you have an attractive spot in your bathroom.

We understand that adding a mirror and framing them can be a bit expensive so we have rounded up some ideas that can elevate your bathroom mirrors without breaking the bank. Have a look! 

  1. Gilded Mirror Frame

    Gilded mirror frame in bathroom
    Source: Amazon

    Instantly upgrade the outdated and boring plain mirrors into an interesting focal point by adding gold craft paint with metallic finish. When you are searching for a DIY mirror framing option, this one will probably be the easiest one to go for. Also, the paint comes off glass easily, making it simpler for beginners to go with the mirror frame hassle-free.

  1. Backlit LED Mirror

    Backlit led mirror
    Source: The interior gallery

    Give your bathroom mirror a bit of drama by selecting the backlit mirror option. This can illuminate the whole space and you won’t have to add additional lighting to the place. Going with different shapes and sizes or customizing more than one mirror with a backlit frame can help you create a beautiful décor without much investment. Sounds interesting to us!

  1. Round Front lit Mirror

    Round front lit mirror
    Source: Bobvila

    Who doesn’t want to look flawless and beautiful while taking a mirror selfie? If you are also one of us who likes to film and post interesting contents, this front-lit mirror is definitely the best one to go for. This round front lit mirror also helps to accent the shape of your mirror especially when the bathroom is smaller. Front-lit round mirror, pedestal sinks, ornate frame, and cool contrast – it’s hard to go wrong with these.

  1. Framed Mirror with Built-in shelf

    Framed mirror with built-in shelf
    Source: Hastingstilebath

    What screams smart storage more than the wooden mirror frame with a built-in shelf? There is always some usable space in the bathroom, all you need to do is to find it and get the most out of it. For smaller vanity space, this option acts as a boon as you can showcase your belongings in the easiest way possible without giving much effort and also creating a framed mirror.

  1. Framed Window

    Source: energyshieldwindowsanddoors

    Think outside the box when you think of bathroom mirror design ideas. If you are fortunate enough to have windows in the bathroom, you can go for adding small mirrors as tiles to cover the window glass and stick them to the wall. This will not only be a unique way to design a bathroom but also will make the place brighter, bigger, and airy making it the best option for smaller spaces.

  1. Coastal Mirrors

    Coastal mirrors
    Source: Sea pointe

    Coastal mirror frame helps you get a coastal feel to your place – calm and composed. It has all aesthetics of the shore, natural light, and soft tones. With this aesthetics, use materials that remind one of a beach or ocean such as white and textured. Go for round mirrors and for frame use natural materials to make the place look serene and peaceful without being kitschy. Also, white will bring a sense of a larger and brighter place to your smaller area.

  1. Double Corner Mirrors

    Double corner mirrors
    Source: Bob vila

    Corners are difficult to design, we do know that. But there are some smart ways you can go while designing the corners of your bathroom such as going for double mirrors facing each other. This way you can get most out of your triangle and L-shaped vanities. Give your bathroom more of a funhouse feel by placing these mirrors at an acute angle to create more than two reflections. Sounds fun, right?

  1. Hidden Mirror Frame

    Hidden mirror frame
    Source: Amazon

    This can be the best option when you have the whole empty wall and need to get the most out of it. Go for whole wall paneling and incorporate a huge mirror to the place. This way, the reflection of the room will create an illusion of larger space and also make it look bright and welcoming. Go for white or lighter hues for better results.

  1. Arch Frame

    Arch frame
    Source: Neutypechic

    Whether the space is big or small, this DIY arch frame mirror is here to save your day without doing much labor. All you need to do is incorporate an arch shaped structure to your plain mirror and see the magic. Arch mirror frames work best when the mirror is small and needs to be transported as the structure remains stiff and ready to use anywhere you want.

  1. Half Moon Mirror

    Half moon mirror
    Source: MiMirror

    If you do not want to go for the typical décor for the place, this option is best suited for you. Often bathroom mirrors are round, square, rectangle, and oval but this half-moon mirror will bring a whole new unique charm to your bathroom. We suggest you go for this half-moon mirror frame if you own a larger space as it is going to be heavy and large because of its angles and shapes.

  1. DIY Holographic Mirror Frame

    DIY holographic mirror frame
    Source: Etsy

    Groom your bathroom with these unique and personalized DIY holographic mirror frames. These vinyl sheet frames can turn any boring and outdated mirror into an interesting and groovy one. This DIY framing doesn’t need much time or supplies making it one of the simplest framing ideas. To have an easy DIY update with this, use adhesive paper on print you love and you are good to go.

  1. Antique Flair

    Antique flair
    Source: Etsy

    Antiques always bring charm to the place and go well with every style and size. An easy update with a simple gold metallic frame will make your mirror a piece brought from history. All you have to do is use a silicone bead trim and chalk paint and wax to make it more historic and unique.

  1. Mural Around the Mirror

    Mural around the mirror
    Source: Pinterest

    Who needs to invest on expensive supplies when you can add uniqueness by this personal touch? Here is a time to show all your creativity with bathroom mirror framing. Paint a beautiful and colorful mural around the mirror and make your home itself a fine piece of art. Also, this has an historic background as ancient Indian emperors used to go for hand-painted surfaces to showcase their nature and cultural beauty.

  1. Traditional Resin Mold

    Traditional resin mold mirrors
    Source: Walmart

    Mirrors are the most basic elements in the bathroom and we don’t put much effort in getting it all decked up. By incorporating these traditional resin mold mirrors you can transform the most basic piece into an elegant decorative item. Give this mirror a traditional and Victorian feel by adding height with the resin mold.

  1. Custom Cut-out

    Custom cut-out
    Source: Thespruce

    There is nothing more beautiful than a personalized décor item in your home. Giving your mirror frame a personalized cut-out of your choice and adding a basic wooden frame can do the work well. This cut out can be of any shape and size but make sure to keep it according to the size of your bathroom.

While incorporating these unique bathroom mirror designs, try keeping a sense of balance in the place. Don’t make it too bulky by adding all the décor elements at a time instead, go for framing that creates harmony among all the features while keeping the functionality intact.

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