It is said that the kitchen is the heart of a home. People tend to spend a good amount of time in the kitchen daily and it is very crucial to have a kitchen that is not too cramped or have a cabinetry that is too dated and worn out to accommodate even the basic things. Getting a kitchen design right is challenging as whether you are an experienced chef or the one who barely makes noodles to go, the kitchen is always going to be an integral part of your home. People make many memories in the kitchen from having a great meal with friends and family to enjoying their wines in peace. Whether you are redecorating your kitchen from scratch or want to make it more functional by having a slight makeover, our kitchen design ideas will assist you to get the kitchen of your dreams.

Go for a Dream Layout

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Layout doesn’t involve only the placement of countertop, island, or cabinetry but also to keep a good flow between cooktop, refrigerator, and sink. This way, it will be easier to access the most utilised items in the kitchen and also keep the place clutter-free. Also, try keeping the layout such that you get to access most of the natural light while also keeping the privacy of the place intact.

Go For Painted Floor

Painted Floor kitchen Design 2
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If you don’t want to go with extreme décor and finishes, a painted floor is a great way to express colour and pattern in the kitchen. Painted floors will add a sense of comfort and durability to the kitchen. This will make the place look complete in a kitchen that has minimal décor or an all-white look.

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Incorporate Bifold Windows

Bifold Windows kitchen Design 3
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Incorporating a bifold window just above the sink can help you connect with the outdoors and bring in the charm of fresh air and natural light. You can also extend the kitchen’s entertaining space by adding the bar-height terrazzo to have the perfect place for small gatherings.

Be Bold

Bold Kitchen Design 4
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If you love to bring colours to your kitchen interior design but are afraid that it will be too much, take inspiration from this kitchen style. This has a perfect blend of minimal and muted colours and a bold touch with its orange pendant lights and bold statement pieces placed smartly over the place.

Be Smart with Materials

Kitchen Design Ideas 5
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A choice of material will determine the durability of your kitchen. When looking for kitchen design ideas, it is important to consider the material based on your lifestyle, cleaning habits, and the demography of the members living in the house. Using materials that are long-lasting, durable, and low-maintenance makes it easier to enjoy the place for a longer time.

Adapt Timelessness

Timelessness kitchen design 6
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Before finalising any kitchen design idea, it is very important to make the place timeless and not just a haphazard installation according to current trends. Redecorating or designing the kitchen from the start is an expensive process so it is important to opt for a classy look you won’t get tired of anytime soon.

Bring in the Outdoors

Outdoors kitchen design-7
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Bringing in the beauty of outdoors will make the kitchen feel alive and also bring a fresh breath of air to the place. You can go for incorporating a mini garden into the place or add plants of your choice to the empty spaces.

 Add Texture

Texture kitchen design 8
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Whatever kitchen design ideas you go for, be it a minimal décor or over the top luxurious one, adding a texture will make the place standout without putting much effort. If you don’t have an empty wall to incorporate the textures, try giving your backsplash a makeover. This area is not limited to tile but also a little bit of textures and experimentation.

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 Try Earthy Vibe

Earthy kitchen ideas 9
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Bringing the hint of natural elements into the kitchen décor can change the whole vibe of the place. To create an earthy vibe, try all-white décor and balance the monochromatic look by adding warm natural wood. This is a perfect kitchen style to go for if you own a smaller kitchen and want to reflect more light.

Go For Multifunctional Island

Multifunctional kitchen design 10
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Functionality is everything when it comes to modern kitchen ideas as it is all about optimum use of the space while making it functional yet stylish. This place has smartly combined the kitchen island and eating table to make it practical yet having a stylish lookout for the kitchen.

 Add a Colourful Surprise

colourful kitchen design 11
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Sometimes the regular kitchen interior designs make the place look dated and worn out and it becomes important to add a surprise element to it. Providing a colourful surprise by experimenting with the décor will give the place a breath of freshness and uniqueness without ruining the overall vibe of the place.

 Give Mid-century Essence

modern kitchen design 12
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Modern kitchen ideas are going to make the place look all different and updated but adding a mid-century essence to the place will help you have the place look heavenly. This mid-century kitchen décor rocks the cream and wood cabinetry and brass fixtures along with frosted white pendants.

Coastal Vibes

Coastal kitchen ideas 13
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Want to have a kitchen that is so inviting that the guests would feel like walking in and hanging out for a bit? This coastal kitchen design is all you need to fulfil this desire. The clutter-free floor plan, well organised cutlery and natural light flowing through the window, everything is just so soothing.

Maximum use of Natural Light

Natural kitchen lighting 14
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To make your smaller kitchen feel bigger and brighter, try having maximum natural light into the space. This will not only make the place airy but also help you to avoid hanging artificial lights to not put a hole in your pocket.

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Stylish & Functional

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Modern kitchen ideas are all about making the place functional and stylish and make you feel energetic while using the space. If you want a complete overhaul, try this stylish kitchen that has everything lined up and accurate while even the storage feels straight out of a luxurious place.

Add Charming Aesthetics

charming kitchen design 16
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To make your kitchen feel really yours, you need to add a bit of your soul to the place. Going for personalised aesthetics will only make the place look good but also helps you add a bit of your personality and character into the space. It is said that good kitchen design ideas are a blend of practicality and aesthetics to create something magical.

Consider Smart Storage

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Kitchens probably need the maximum storage compared to the other areas of the home. Designing your kitchen with all the aesthetics and décor elements can love your kitchen only when you get your desired storage. Storage doesn’t only mean the cabinetry and space under the cooktop but also having the optimum use of the space. To make your kitchen more stylish, consider smart storage options to save your time on decluttering your space.

Mix Different Design Styles

Different style kitchen
Source: Elle decor

You don’t always have to stick to a particular décor style to make your kitchen functional and also to look good. You can get a good blend of modern, complementary, farmhouse, and industrial styles with different elements to personalise your kitchen according to your needs and still make the most out of the design.

Lastly, Do your Research. It is very important to do your research to feel confident about your decisions regarding the décor of the place. It always feels good to study up to get the most out of the space and to avoid the list minute changes that are heavy for both your time and pocket as well.

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