Do you like watching anime movies? Does the world of fictitious characters fascinate you? There was a time when cartoon and animated films were considered to be made for kids only but since the advent of anime, this concept is no longer viable. Anime has become the most loved form of entertainment and has captivated audiences all around the world.

What is Anime?

Anime is a specific kind of cartoon that originated in Japan and made the whole world fall in love with it. These are inspired by Japanese animation and have distinct characteristics such as long arms and limbs, large eyes, detailed settings, wild hair, and angled camera effects. The characters of the anime are relatable and the stories are quite captivating.    

People or shall we say “Anime Fans” of all ages whether they are kids, teens or adults have a special place in their heart for the anime characters. So much so that they want their favourite characters to be part of their home décor especially, their bedrooms. Don’t believe us? Let’s have a look at some aesthetically pleasing anime bedroom ideas that will make you change your bedroom interiors.

1.Anime Wall décor and posters

Anime Wall décor
Source: Pinterest                                                             

Wall décor can instantly transform a simple bedroom into something unique and captivating. Walls decorated with posters, wallpapers, and stickers of your favourite anime character will make you feel like you have entered the cartoon world for real!

2. Anime bed headboard

Anime bed headboard
Source: Pinterest

What if you wake up with your favourite anime character? Seems exciting right? Make your anime bedroom more fun by adding this anime bed headboard and to make it more aesthetic, add some vine plants besides your bed.

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3.The kawaii anime bedrooms

kawaii anime bedrooms
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Want your bedroom to look all cute and cosy? Incorporate this Kawaii themes anime bedroom that has lots of plushies, pastel throws, and to top it off some really soothing colour combinations of pastel. To top it off, add cloud wallpaper and make your room kawaii and cute.  

4.Naruto themed bedroom

Naruto themed bedroom
Source: Pinterest

If you are an anime lover, there is no way you don’t love Naruto. Naruto is loved by all and going for a Naruto anime room can make a great impact on the aura of your bedroom. If you are in search of anime room ideas and want to play safe with your décor, this can be the best pick.

5.Gamers, Assemble!

Gamers, Assemble
Source: Pinterest

An astounding anime gaming room is every gamer’s dream and when paired with your favourite anime character’s theme, it can be the game’s hiding spot. Using posters, lights, and gaming setup just that resembles your favourite character makes the place worth spending time.  

6.Anime room ideas for Manga Readers

 Anime for Manga Readers
Source: Pinterest

Manga readers have a separate place in their heart for the anime characters as they have not only watched them on the screen but have imagined them and felt their presence with them. Who wouldn’t want to surround themselves with their favourite Manga? 

7.Neon, and more neon

Neon Light
Source: Pinterest

Neon is the colour designated colour of anime and when going for a neon setup, nothing really can go wrong. Here, there is nothing like less is more. The more you go for a neon setup, the more you get closer with the anime theme.

8.Dark Anime Bedroom

Dark Anime Bedroom
Source: Pinterest

Just as neon screams anime, the darker themes also help you get that solid, ready-to-witness fight look. These darker shades will help you forget the outside world and the room will just be about you and your favourite anime.  

9.Plushy Bed

Plushy Bed
Source: Pinterest

If you love plushies, why go for just the collection of smaller ones when you can sleep on one? Yes, this plushy bed will give you a good night’s sleep and make you feel closer to the character you love the most.  

10. Want some Sakura?

Sakura flower
Source: Pinterest

No, we are not talking about your favorite character Sakura but the beautiful flower you imagine to get one day. This sakura filled setup will not only transform your room into an anime bedroom, but also make your room filled with colour and fragrance.  

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11. Small Anime Bedroom                  

Small Anime Bedroom
Source: Pinterest

A smaller bedroom will not keep you from getting your anime themed space. These flooring shelves and bed, hanging wall organisers, and mixture of purple, blue, pink, and green colours will help you make the most out of the small room.

12. Home Anime Office

Home Anime Office
Source: Pinterest

The craze for anime is not just among young ones but also with the adults. These anime themed home offices with some of the unique and best office supplies will make the place more energetic and fun to work at.

13. Anime Bedding

anime bedding and wall
Source: Pinterest

Another way to display your love for the anime is to go for the anime themed bedding and matching wall art. This will not only help you showcase your love for anime but also make the place feel personalised and comfortable.

14. Showcase your figurines display

Source: Pinterest

Don’t call yourself an anime fan if you don’t have a whole collection of figurines and can’t wait to display the same in your bedroom. Along with other décor, go for a dedicated shelf for figurines and keep our favourite characters near you.     

15. Anime Lighting

Anime Lighting
Source: Pinterest

Brighten your space with the lamps and lights that showcase fun anime characters. You can also go for mood lights or colour changing lights to make it more fun and bright.

16. Doraemon Theme

Doraemon Theme
Source: Pinterest

If you want an anime themed bedroom for your kids, nothing is more appealing than a doraemon themed bedroom. For this theme you can conjugate beddings, wallpaper, curtains etc. filled with doraemon and also go for some toys of their choice.   

17. Anime Murals Backdrop

Anime Murals Backdrop
Source: Pinterest

For the best anime vibes, nothing is more appealing than anime murals. It is easily available everywhere and can upgrade the empty and smaller room to something more dramatic and fun.  

18. All Black Anime Bedroom              

All Black Anime Bedroom
Source: Pinterest

An all-black anime bedroom is all you need if you want something classy and elegant yet filled with your favourite anime character. This will not only make your bedroom stand out but also make it a home to all the anime.  

19. Dragon Ball Z Anime Bedroom

Dragon ball Z
Dragon ball Z is something more than just an anime. It is a nostalgic event as there are hardly few people who don’t remember watching this anime in their childhood. You can go for three-dimensional painting for this to be spot on.

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20. Poster Themed Bedroom

Poster Themed Bedroom
Source: Pinterest

Do you remember when you were child and used to stick posters and stickers of your favourite cartoon on the wall of your bedroom? It’s time to relive that experience by adding posters to your anime bedroom.

21. Sporty Anime Bedroom

Sporty Bedroom
Source: Pinterest

It’s not too late to rock a sporty look if you still have that haikyuu fever on. Go for a volleyball or basketball theme as it never goes wrong while going for anime room ideas.   

22. Anime Inspired Bedding

Anime Bedding
Source: Pinterest

If you are a die-hard fan of anime and don’t want any nook or corner without it, then this bedding option will make you feel near your anime character. Also, adding some throw pillows with the same theme will make a great anime bedroom.

23. Plushies for the win

Source: Pinterest

A cute décor never goes out of style and when it comes to plushies, cuteness is overloaded. If you like collecting them, you can go for a dedicated space to showcase your collection apart from keeping them on the bed.

24. Anime Bedroom Background

Anime Bedroom Background
Source: Pinterest

Background plays an important role in the overall décor. Select a wall and choose a character from anime and go for a huge wallpaper to be a perfect background for your room. Keep other décor simple to make it a statement element.

25. Custom Stickers for Anime Bedroom

Anime stickers
Source: Pinterest

How about going for customised stickers that make a great addition for your bedroom décor? Design a custom wall and add stickers of your choice and it will give you cosiness and happiness that no other décor can provide.

26. Spring and Greens

Spring and Greens
Source: Pinterest

Anime often showcases some great environmental backdrops and if you want to incorporate that in real life, going with plants all over will make the place look sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing. Besides, it will also brighten up the space and let you enjoy the fresh breeze of air.

27.Create your Hideaway

Source: Pinterest

Are you a Studio Ghibli fan like us? If yes then you must try this Kiki’s loft-like arrangement in your anime bedroom. A slanted rooftop window will provide extra benefit to recreate this epic and peaceful scene.  

If you love anime, you will find these anime room décor ideas fun and a way to infuse your love for your favourite character into your personal space. Bring your favourite anime to life by using these anime room décor ideas and tell us which one you liked the most.   

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