Dining room is one of the most neglected areas when it comes to redesigning or even putting some extra efforts to make the place look elegant and up-to-date. There can be many reasons behind this from having a smaller space to having kids that makes it difficult to maintain your dining design. When your dining room feels heavy and boring, you probably won’t want to eat there and also won’t like to host people because of this outdated place. Whereas it is very important to have a dining room makeover as this place does more to you than any other place in your home. We have gathered some incredibly chic dining room ideas to make this place modern and host-worthy. Check it out.

Paint the Walls

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A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to your place and make a big impact on your outdated dining room. It is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to give your dining room a makeover and make it look fresh and new. Go for minimal or all white colour to make the place look bright and airy or go opt for a blush or coral to make a modern statement or go for grey or khaki to create a welcoming space for guests.

Apply Wallpaper

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Applying wallpaper can transform your outdated dining room into an interesting one and can help in adding a bit of whimsy and drama to the area. It is good to go for wallpaper when you have a separate dining space to make it more personalised. Go for bright colours and happy patterns to create a fun atmosphere in the dining area. Floral patterns make great wallpaper for this space but remember, there is a very thin line of difference between grandma’s dated floral and today’s fresh feels.

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Add Wall Panelling

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If you own a place to get creative with your walls, this one thing will definitely add a sense of sophistication and charm to the dated dining room. If you are blessed with proper space and you are not on budget, this wall panelling will be a great way to enhance your dining room design. If you have a budget crunch, there are many DIY plans that can be followed.

Use Antique Décor

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Addition of unique and antique pieces of furniture can help you easily update your dining table décor effortlessly. Whether it is the furniture or decorative item, an antique can never go wrong in making the place unique on its own. Antiques tell their own story. Don’t believe us? Here’s what designer Ashley Montgomery says, “I love that antiques tell a story.”

Add Statement Pieces

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Making a bold statement with your décor should not be limited to the living space in your home. You can extend this to your dining room makeover as well. A statement piece can mean anything from a simple chandelier to a bold centrepiece to the dining table itself. There are so many dining room ideas that are a great mix of styles and patterns to create a great visual interest and of course make a statement.

Make the place Multifunctional

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Since the last couple of years, we have seen that there is something more demanded from a home than just a place to live. From post-pandemic times, we have seen that a home needs to be a place to live as well as a workspace and though this was a temporary solution, people like this setup more. Making the dining space multifunctional can save you plenty of space in the bedroom in order to have a “home office”.

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Go for Addictive Lighting

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A good lighting can easily and effortlessly transform the place and can make it look fresh and energetic. If you are lucky enough to have some natural light into your dining space, go for a lighting setup that is a statement piece that can be hung or kept on the table. If natural light is not an option, you can set the lights according to the mood you want to create around the dining space.

Freshen up the Traditional Pieces

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Traditional dining room ideas gave a timeless appeal and thus we fascinate those styles even in the modern and contemporary era. But, it’s high time we freshen up the traditional pieces to create a unique and vibrant dining area. Try creating a balance between traditional pieces and modern décor to make the most out of your dining space.

Add a Bench

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If going for a whole dining room makeover is not an option, one thing you can go for is to change the furnishings and go for a different outlook. Adding a bench is an easy way to create extra space and add variety to the room. It adds a cosy feel and also lets you have an open space if you want a window-side dining space. Also, you can go all the designer way and add a contrast colour or pattern to the bench to make it a statement piece.

Add an Area Rug

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Area rugs are a great option if you have an open plan dining space and want to create an illusion of a separate space. An area rug can be more than just a decorative element. Besides creating an illusion of a separate space, it can also help you create a great visual element if the surrounding décor is minimal and also help you protect the floor from the constant movement of chairs.

Make the Most of your Ceiling

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You can do much more with your ceiling than you can ever expect. Ceilings these days are not only used for lighting but also for some exceptional visual effects. You can use the ceiling to visually differentiate between kitchen and dining space if you have an open space by giving a different hue to it.

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Update the Table space

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Apart from the surrounding décor, your table space also plays a great role in defining the dining room décor. Your table linen, the serving platters, silverware, centrepiece, etc. plays an important role in the overall dining room décor thus it is crucial to draw attention to your dining table and create beautiful vibes all around the place.

Reintroduce the Upholstery

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When things about the dining are designed or going for a complete dining room makeover, it is very important to focus on the upholstery. Nothing makes the dining room more old-fashioned than an old upholstery used for the chairs and other furnishings. Even if you are looking for a quick and affordable fix, the first thing to focus on is changing the fabrics. It will instantly bring a sense of newness to the place and also adds shine to the space. You can also play with the fabrics, textures, and colours to mix-and match the chairs while also keeping the chairs placed at two ends different from others.

Place a Mirror

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Placing a mirror can instantly make the place look bigger, brighter, and airy. Place this mirror anywhere on the bar cart, buffet or above the console to add a touch of luxury to the place. This will not only reflect the natural light but also help you create a mood by complementing with the proper lighting around the place.

Lastly, Personalise it

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Lastly, any home makeover is incomplete without a personal touch and a statement piece that reflects your personality and character. You are going to host meals at this place so make this place something more than just food. Make it a place you could cherish for a lifetime!

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