Cats are one of the cutest pets that one can have in their house. It literally rules everyone else’s heart in the house. That’s why people always think of some cute ideas to make their cute members happy and keep them in a safer place in their room. On the other hand, as it is not always possible to go for expensive pet house. But, as it is known to all of us that, nowadays, DIYs play a paramount role in all of our lives, starting from making gifts to reusing our old things. DIYs are always great for the productive utilization of our leisure time and also help to improve our crafting skills.

List of DIY cardboard Cat House Ideas

So, this article is going to discuss ‘bout 15 interesting, easy, unique, cheap, and cute DIY cardboard cat house ideas for such cute little cats.

  1. Epic Cardboard Cat House-:

    Epic Cardboard Cat House
    Source: YouTube

    This is a two-storeyed cardboard cat house idea that can be made easily with some regular equipments that are readily available in the house. It requires a couple of cardboard boxes, some tapes, both-side tapes, scissors, and a marker pen. This beautiful cardboard house allows the cat to get two different sleeping places in one room by having a separate floor system.

  2. Round-shaped Cardboard Cat House idea with a Ladder-:

    Round-shaped Cardboard Cat House with a Ladder
    Source: Pinterest

    This rounded house involves the stacking of two boxes on top of each other. This super cute house design is made by cutting and folding of the cardboard pieces into different shapes, which also comes up with a cute ladder.

  3. DIY Cardboard Cat House Idea With T-shirt-:

    DIY Cat House With T-shirt
    Source: Pinterest

    This DIY cat house involves the recycling of our old T-shirts. With such old T-shirts, cardboard boxes, scissors, gums, and tapes , this easy and beautiful hut can be made which is also perfect for keeping more than one kitty at once.

  4. Palm Springs Inspired DIY Cat House-:

    Palm Springs Inspired DIY Cat House
    Source: DIYS

    Besides, cardboard, if there is the availability of some plywood and paint, then this unique and funny DIY cat house can be made in the home easily. The other materials required for making this house include craft papers, wood glue, cardboard box, ruler, scissors, jigsaw , nails, and a hammer. This house is styled in , such a way, that it looks like an aesthetic holiday home in Palm Springs.

  5. Vintage Kitty Camper-:

    Vintage Kitty Camper
    Source: TheThings

    This is the easiest of all the ideas which involve the cutting, folding, and painting of some cardboard pieces lying around in rooms and transforming them into a super cute kitty camper van.The basic things required to make these include two large cardboard boxes, a cutter, scissors, a poster board, tape, marker pen , paint, paintbrushes, hot glue gun, etc.

    First of all, the flaps of the box should be removed. A template is to be made and then it is to be cut like the template . Create the doors and windows . Also, create a curved shaped roof and then, use the second cardboard box for breaking into large scraps. Insert a piece of scrap into the empty portion of the camper for creating camper walls. Lastly, paint it.

  6. Crocheted Kitty Bed-:

    Crocheted Kitty Bed
    This is an adorable , soft and unique crocheted kitty bed idea which can be made in the shape of a cat , shark and many other things too . This looks super funny , at the same time , and also offers us an opportunity to explore and improve our DIY crafting skills a bit more.

  7. Homemade Kitty Tent-:

    Homemade Kitty Tent
    Source: DIY Projects

    This kitty tent also makes use of old t-shirts. The other materials required are mainly cardboard boxes, some wire hangers, some regular glue, safety pins, pair of pliers, etc. This tent is very easy in making and hardly takes five minutes to complete.

    First, just cut the ends of the hangers and shape it. Then, tape some couple of supports in the cardboard and create a hole in each corner.Then, join the hangers, bend the ends and again secure them. Then, take the t-shirt and place it in such a way that hole is placed in the middle.

  8. Embellished Cardboard Cat House Idea-:

    Embellished Cardboard Cat House
    Source: Craft-O-Maniac

    The making of this DIY cat house requires a cardboard box of size close to 20-24” cube, cardboard sheet, knife, metal ruler, hot glue gun, and some colored papers and ribbons.

    Firstly, the cardboard sheet needs to be cut into the shape of a roof and again fold it to make a center ridge. Then, attach the roof with the house with the help of a hot glue gun and use the metal ruler and the knife for cutting the windows and doors in required shapes. Then, you can paint & decorate it in many ways like by writing something, drawing some cute pictures with markers, or by simply adding some colorful washi tapes or colorful cellotapes.

  9. Shark Crocheted Kitty Bed-:

    Shark Crocheted Kitty Bed

    This is another idea of making a crocheted kitty bed, other than, the shape of a cat. This will look like a shark and will require minimum things like cardboard boxes, glue, tapes, cutter, etc.

    The process of making will be the same as the cat-shaped crocheted kitty bed, but, the shape will just be like a shark.

  10. Layered Cardboard Cat Temple-:

    Layered Cardboard Cat Temple
    Source: PLAIN Magazine

    This is, nothing but, just the recreation of a simple cardboard cat house idea. This house requires some cardboard pieces of 0.23 inches of thickness, a cutter, pencil, compass, ruler, glue, and a paintbrush.

    First of all, we should cut the cardboard pieces into circular discs and draw other smaller circles in it. If there are 6 groups of discs, then, the bigger circles will have 3 discs or circles in them while the smaller ones will have 2 in each. Once we do it, then, the smaller discs inside each big circles should be cut with the help of a cutter.

    This is the cardinal process in this DIY cat house and it needs time and patience to complete. After the completion of all these processes, we can arrange the pieces according to their sizes, like, the biggest one will be at the bottom while the smallest one will be at the top. Then, with the help of a pencil mark the areas of doors and cut out. Then, make the bed of the cat and by using glue attach it to the house at the bottom.

  11. Cat Hammock with a Cardboard Box-:

    Cat Hammock with a Cardboard Box
    Source: Cuteness

    This DIY cat house is also very easy to make and just takes nearly an hour to complete. This requires a medium–sized cardboard box, a blanket, hot glue gun, tape, and a ruler.
    First, after taking the piece of blanket and the cardboard box, mark the straight lines 2-3” from each edge of four vertical sides of the box. Cut the marked lines with the help of a cutter to create a square-shaped opening in each of the vertical sides. Then, cut a piece of fleece, according to, the dimensions of the bottom of the box along with extra four inches on each of the four sides.

    After that, another four-inch should be cut into each of the four corners of the fleece. Make two holes on the upper region of the box, and, make the slits pass through the holes forming a knot. Also, we can use a smaller piece of fleece for covering the bottom of the box.

  12. DIY Cardboard Cat house idea-:

    DIY Cardboard Cat Playroom
    Source: Pinterest

    This house is mainly for those kitties who love to play with boxes. We can also design this with toys to make the cute little pets happy. This DIY cat house includes the use of a large cardboard box, marker pen, cutter, scrap board, tape, cotton rope, paintbrush, twine, ruler, some regular glue, and some interesting cat toys.

    First of all, lay the box in a flat position and draw an enormous square at the front side of the box. Use a cutter to cut the square out of the box and repeat the same methods for the left three sides too. After that, assemble the box and join the top and bottom with the help of a tape. Now, we can design the box can be according to our choices, like by using colors, washi tapes, etc. After the colour dries, rape those cotton ropes along with the posts of the box. Then, make a hole at the top of the box and with the help of the twine hang the cat toys.

  13. Cardboard Kitty Pad-:

    Cardboard Kitty Pad
    Source: Pinterest

    This involves the use of 5 medium-sized cardboard boxes, masking tape, blade, ruler, scrap paper, fabric etc.

    At first, select the height for the pad, measure, and cut the cardboard in strips with similar widths. We should cut the cardboard in such a way, so that, the ridges go in horizontal direction across the strips. Roll the cardboard and bend at each corrugation. Wind one strip in a circle tightly and join with a tape. Then, add a new piece and close with two pieces of masking tape. After adding all the pieces, cut some decorative paper and wrap them around the outside. Use tape to attach these papers.

  14. DIY Double-Decker Cat Playhouse-:

    DIY Double-Decker Cat Playhouse
    Source: Pinterest

    The minimum things required for this DIY cat house are mainly cardboard boxes of 12/14/18 inches, some printed templates for the doors and windows, a pencil, a bone folder, a ruler, knife or box cutter, hot glue gun, a mat, etc. This is a time taking process and needs patience too, but, if we do it beautifully, then, nothing can look better than this.

  15. Carriage Cardboard Cat House Idea-:

    Carriage Cardboard Cat House
    Source: Lavky

    For this DIY cat house, you also require some pieces of cardboard, glue, cutter and some tapes. This is also a bit difficult process which involves a lot of patience for making a beautiful carriage. But, this can be one of the best living places for cute little kitties.

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