What do you usually do for easter egg decoration? The same eas can be a bit boring and repetitive and may not be useful if you want to steal the spotlight. We have some amazing ideas for egg decoration ranging from beautifully painted ones to decoupaged with patterned fabric and transformed to look like something spectacular. Whatever your skill level is, these easter egg decorating tips can help you transform an egg into a whole décor item. Are you also on the hunt for beautiful Decorated Easter Egg Competition Ideas for this season? Well, your search ends here.

Decorated Easter Egg Competition Ideas For Spring

17 Easy and Creative Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

Here are some of our favorite easter egg decorations to try out!

1. Adorable Tattoo

Adorable Tattoo Decorated Easter Egg Competition Idea
Source: Pinterest

Tattoos can make your DIY project so much easier and fun. Apply themed temporary tattoos to the surface of the egg and this will stick to the eggs just like your skin. All you need to have is some pretty design and you are good to go.

2. Celebrity Easter Egg

Minion Celebrity Easter Egg decorated for Competition
Source: x aka Twitter – @MINIONS

A great way to start a spicy conversation over the Easter dinner is this celebrity easter egg. Have fun guessing whose faces and phrases are on each other’s egg and let the game begin.

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3. Modern Color-blocked

Earthy Tone Modern Color blocked Egg dying
Source: construction2style

Festivals are all about colors and some more colors. Deck up your Easter lunch table with a bowl filled with these beautiful earthy tones of colorful eggs. This is one of the minimal and sleek ways of adding joy to your place.

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4. Mixed Marbles

Mixed Marbles easter egg decorating
Source: Safe Nails

Looking for easy Easter egg decorating tips? These marble eggs are one of the most trending decorated Easter egg competition ideas this year. Why? It is easy, fun, and quick to make. What else do you need?

5. Golden Globes

Golden Globes easter egg decorating
Source: Pinterest

If you are into metallics, these golden globes are everything right for your Easter décor this season. Just cover your eggs with these copper and gold leaves and that’s it! You are ready to shine.

6. Hello Bunny!

Bunny Decorated Easter Egg Competition Ideas
Source: womansday

And here comes the Easter bunny! How can one complete the Easter décor without adding these cute bunnies to the setup?  Line your basket with these cute bunny-inspired eggs and hop on to the festivities. Don’t forget to add those cute ears!

7. Classic Black & White

Black and White easter egg decorating
Source: themillhousehertford

This is for everyone who is feeling edgy and is looking for easter egg decorating ideas for adults. Skip the bold colors and go minimalist and classy with these black and white eggs and draw your heart out with black markers on plain white eggs.

8. Nature Inspired

Nature Inspired easter egg decorating
Source: growingfamily

You don’t have to worry enough about your egg decoration. Just look around yourself and take inspiration from nature. Just lay a herb cutting on the hard-boiled egg, place it inside the stocking and dye your egg as desired.

9. Egg Tree

Tree Decorated with Easter Egg
Source: desertcart

Decorating an egg tree is one of the oldest German traditions. Just fill a tea tin or any sort of container with floral foam and insert branches into it. Hang the eggs of your choice to these branches and your beautiful centerpiece is all decked up for hosting Easter lunch.

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10. Simply Speckled

Speckled easter eggs
Source: Virginiasweetpea

Think something beyond the regular smooth egg and try these speckled eggs this year. You can create speckled eggs by multiple methods or can choose from the natural ones as many birds are known to have naturally speckled eggs.

11. Surprise Egg Box

Surprise dye Egg Decoration
Source: bhg

Wanna crack some big smiles? Go for these papier-mâché́ shells that can hold as many goodies as a small basket. Gift these surprise-filled eggs and steal the spotlight.

12. Spring Floral Easter Eggs

Spring Floral Easter Egg Decorating ideas
Source: Pinterest

Florals can never go out of trend. Whether it is easter egg décor or any other décor. Florals can effortlessly uplift the mood of the place and also make the décor visually appealing.

13. Crochet Easter Egg

Crochet Easter Egg Cover
Source: purpledshub

Maintain the shape of the egg and go all vibrant with beautiful colors with this yarn-wrapped crochet easter egg. These are easy to make and would help give your décor a sense of warmth and feel welcoming.

14. Tie Dye

Tie Dye Easter Egg ideas
Source: southernliving

There’s something so soothing about tie-dye that you can’t take your eyes off.  Whether it is vibrant shades or pastel colors, tie-dye never fails to impress. Also, these eggs are surprisingly easy to make with food coloring, paper towels, and a spray bottle and that’s it!

15. Unicorn Easter Eggs

Unicorn Easter Eggs Design
Source: publiclivessecretrecipes

If the focal point of your party is kids, try out this boiled egg decorating for easter made just like a Unicorn. Trust us, kids will love this décor and the vibrant colors of this theme will keep the energy flowing throughout the time.

16. Funny Emojis

Emojis Easter Eggs Painting
Source: onceaduckling

Searching for creative funny egg decorating ideas? It’s time to give a personalized touch to the décor and create something different. Greet everyone with these eggs painted in funny emojis or sayings or even some fun doodles and keep it fun and cool.

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17. Colorful Silk Dyed

Colorful Silk Dyed Easter Eggs ideas
Source: people

Who would’ve thought a simple silk fabric could bring out something this beautiful? Just tie the silk fabric on the egg, then boil this in water mixed with vinegar for like 20 minutes. Let this cool and then unwrap and see the magic yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decorate an egg for a competition?

Decorating an egg for a competition can be a joyful and creative endeavor but only if you know the right way! To decorate an Easter egg, first, choose your theme, plan your design, and gather the materials accordingly. Then proceed with preparing the egg for the décor and finish things up with your creative touch.

What are the best egg categories for decorating?

While the traditional white chicken egg may be the blank canvas for the beautiful décor, you can experiment with other eggs as well. Go for eggs with distinct shapes, sizes, and qualities. Some of the famous categories include Araucana eggs, Emu eggs, Duck and goose eggs, Ostrich eggs, and Quail eggs.

How Long does the decorated easter egg last?

Hard-boiled eggs that have been dyed and decorated should be kept refrigerated and consumed within one week.

What is the best Easter egg Coloring tip?

The best way to get the most out of the colors is to make a solution with 1 cup of cool water, 20 drops of food color, and 2 teaspoons of white vinegar. Use this to dye the egg for a safe, lasting, and shiny look.


While preparing for the Decorated Easter Egg Competition, remember that the most important thing is to have fun and let your creativity shine and flow freely with your Decorated Easter Egg Competition Ideas. Have Fun and good luck with your competition!

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