Indoor plants can transform the look of your place and can help you feel more connected to nature, we all know that. But have you considered having plants in your bathroom? Bathroom plants or shower plants are becoming increasingly popular in homes and can make a simple bathroom more elegant, but not all plants enjoy the humid and damp atmosphere of the bathroom.

If you have a dilemma about whether to put plants in your bathroom we would say you must but only if you choose the right variety of plants. Bathrooms generally do not provide the right amount of natural light and air that helps plants to grow and stay healthy despite having enough moisture.   

Why have plants in the Bathroom?

Adding plants to your bathroom is more than just aesthetics. There are various artificial plants for the bathroom to go for, but a touch of lush green low-maintenance bathroom plants will do magic in your comfort room.

  • Bathroom plants help in energising the place and give you the boost you need in the morning.
  • Having a live object in your bathroom helps you have a calm mind and soul and is good for mental and emotional well-being. 
  • These plants are said to be air-purifying and moisture-absorbent. Thus it can keep the place full of fresh air and also mold-free.

What are Shower Plants?

Shower plants are a great deal in these modern times because of the ease to maintain it and also are aesthetically pleasing. The steam and the heat of the shower helps the shower plants to flourish even if you neglect to water them. The most common shower plant is eucalyptus ‘bath bouquet’. This can be hung to the shower head helping you save space while still having a live element in your bathroom.

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Can Succulents Survive in the Bathroom?

Succulents are not a popular choice when it comes to bathroom plants as they are not suitable for windowless bathrooms with high humidity. If you have a large bathroom with appropriate air and humidity, succulents can be added.  

It is becoming a popular trend to add plants to the bathroom not just for the décor but also for the benefits they carry. Want to turn your bathroom into your personal cloud forest? Let’s have a look at some best plants for the bathroom to keep it a happy place.

    1. Lucky Bamboo

      Lucky bamboo for bathroom
      Source: Pinterest

      Lucky bamboo is one of the easiest plants to add to your bathroom as it does not require much light and air or even a potting mix to grow into your bathroom. All you need to do is buy some shoots and pop into a pot with some marbles or pebbles and you are good to go. This plant grows faster and can transform your empty corner easily and fast.   

    2. Snake Plants

      snake plant
      Source: Pinterest

      Snake plant or sansevieria instantly adds height and depth to any bathroom as it is a tall plant. This plant can survive in extremely low light and high humid climates and the long tall leaves can help in purifying air and filtering toxins from the air.

    3. The Pothos

      pathons plants
      Source: Pinterest

      Pothos are easy to grow and are almost indestructible plants and can grow up to six to ten feet or even longer. This plant offers a variety of colours ranging from yellow to varying colours of green. This plant is one of the best plants for the bathroom as it enjoys relatively stable temperature, ample humidity, and low filtered light.   

    4. Asparagus fern

      Asparagus fern for bathroom
      Source: Pinterest

      Asparagus fern can easily make your bathroom its home as it enjoys the humidity of the bathroom and can flourish in extremely humid and low light. Make sure to keep this plant near the window as it does well in moderate or bright light. Also, these are not more than two feet tall so it does not require much space and are a perfect addition if you want to go for small bathroom plants.

    5. Tillandsia Plants

      Tillandsia Plant for bathroom
      Source: Pinterest

      Tillandsia plants are often referred to as air plants as they do not necessarily require soil or even proper plantation to grow. If you are looking for the best plant for bathroom with no light or minimal light, this may be the best option for you.  

    6. Aloe Vera

      Aloe Vera  for bathroom
      Source: Pinterest

      Wanna add plants to your bathroom? How about adding the one that might as well have beauty benefits? Aloe Vera can grow better if you own a bathroom that has bright direct light, so placing it near a window will make it easier to grow this plant. You don’t have to water it and it comes with additional benefits such as soothing skin, reducing itch, healing cracks, and much more.

    7. Money Plant

      Aloe Vera for bathroom
      Source: Pinterest

      What if we tell you, you can make money while taking a shower? Just Kidding. Bathrooms are one of the most common places to keep money plants. The dark green shade of the leaves is directly related to the amount of moisture in the bathroom thus increased humidity can help this plant grow tall and make you lots of money. 

    8. Spider Plant

      Spider Plant for bathroom
      Spider plants require less or almost no care and enjoy brighter sunlight but can scorch in full sun. They do not require regular care but you have to water it when the top of the leaves feel dry. They look great in the bathroom with their green foliage paired with white stripes. 

    9. Orchid

      Orchid for bathroom
      Source: pinterest

      It is difficult to add plants that bear flowers when it comes to selecting the best indoor plants for the bathroom. But, if you are one of us that love flowers, its smell, and the colourful drama in your bathroom, Orchids are here to save your day. Orchids have many species where some are planted in soil and others are air based plants. They come in purple, white, red, and pink colours to get your bathroom filled with a variety of colours.  

    10. Dragon Tree

      Dragon Tree for bathroom
      Source: Adobe stock

      Dragon trees are one of the best plants for bathrooms with no light or moderate indirect light.  Dragon tree thrives in high humidity and performs its best in normal temperatures between 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They come in a variety of colours such as yellow, red, and green.

    11. Bromeliads

      Bromeliads for bathroom
      Source: Pinterest

      Flowers will make a great addition to your bathroom. Don’t believe us? You will when you will see the beautiful blooms of the Bromeliads. They flower with pink, red, or yellow huge flowers that last for several weeks and make your winters colourful than ever. This plant needs bright indirect sunlight and a high humid atmosphere. If you are looking for small bathroom plants, this one is definitely the best option.  

    12. Pitcher Plant

      Pitcher Plant
      Source: Adobe Stock

      Want something unique in your bathroom? These Nepenthes display pitcher blooms that are shaped as cups filled with liquid that is used to digest insects as food. These are high humidity plants and are best for a windowsill addition.

    13. The Peace Lily Plant

      Peace Lily Plant for bathroom
      Source: Shutterstock

      Want something elegant for your bathroom that matches with your décor as well as is a charm to watch? The peace lily plant is all you need for your picture perfect bathroom. They need high humidity and regular watering thus makes sure to not let the soil remain dry for a longer duration.

How to choose The Best Plant for Bathroom?

To have the bathroom of your dreams, it is important to have the right plant at the right place. Just as there are some extremely bathroom friendly plants, there are the ones that can never be kept in the bathroom. Bathrooms are often hot, bright, and humid and can be a home to plants that love humidity. Bathrooms that are used regularly tend to be more humid than other ones such as guest bathrooms.

Thus, it is important to go for low-maintenance house plants depending on the humidity and natural light your bathroom has. We hope you have found the best indoor plant for the bathroom from our top picks!

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