Main baths are sometimes an extension of the main bedroom in a house; they are frequently situated within or next to the main bedroom. Because of this, making design selections may be made easier if you wish to imitate or at least replicate the bedroom design.

Your first duty when planning the main bathroom layout is to decide how and who will use it. Two individuals will often share the main bathroom. The bathroom will thus need to be designed for both co-use or for two people to use it simultaneously, as well as for co-storage, which implies that both people’s accessories, linens, and other bathroom supplies will need enough (and probably separate) storage space.

Master Bathroom Remodel Cost

Remodeling your bathroom might greatly affect your everyday life and the value of your house.

The average price to rebuild a standard bathroom is $125 per square foot, depending on the materials, equipment, and finishes caliber.

Master Bathroom Layout

Several things should be considered when planning the layout of your main bathroom.

  • Large Luxury
  • Double Up
  • Affirmative Bathing
  • Additional Storage

Master Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bathroom design is intended to be a statement. Consider bathroom decoration ideas if your room is far from picture-perfect.

Vintage Rugs

By putting down an antique area rug, you may instantly give your bathroom Old World charm and soften the flooring.

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Vintage rugs
Source: Lilla Rugs

Shiplap Walls

Use traditional shiplap to cover the walls of a bathroom that is entirely white to provide texture.

Shiplap walls
Source: Metrie

Freestanding Ladder

Consider a spa-like design with a freestanding ladder if you’re fortunate enough to have a large end suite.

Freestanding ladder
Source: Wayfair LLC

Floral Wallpaper

The bold flower wall art will quickly make your bathroom a visual feast.

Floral wallpaper
Source: Decorilla

High-End Ottoman

Add chic seating, like an ottoman, to your end suite bathroom to give it a luxurious vibe (while staying within your means). Deborah Wiseman, the interior designer, chose a spherical suede ottoman because the rest of the room is so modern. Glamorous Vanity Lights. Lighting is crucial. To create a glam vanity area where people can get ready in the morning.

High-end ottoman
Source: The Spruce

Modern Bathroom Innovation

You’ll spend time, money, and perhaps even a few grey hairs on a bathroom remodel. A few thousand dollars to brighten up an old bathroom to six figures for a complete restoration of a high-end master bath are possible pricing ranges.

The key is to pick improvements that fit your routine and way of life. For example, you could need a tub since you’ll use it every day, a wall niche if there’s nowhere to put shampoo, or two sinks because brushing your teeth shouldn’t involve a tug-of-war. We focus on function and ask many questions regarding everyday activities and storage requirements.

Modern Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Water Saving Ideas

Given that the typical individual uses 143 liters per day, with the toilet accounting for 63% of total usage, we provide some creative suggestions for water conservation that won’t sacrifice aesthetics.

Water saving ideas
Source: Bob vila

Toilet design

The toilet is an essential component of bathroom design, even if it may not be the most glamorous. As such, there are many design considerations to be made!
It’s all in the details.

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Toilet design
Source: Home Designing

When it comes to the bathroom, the finishing touches transform a plain space into one that exudes elegance and beauty. Add lovely items to your bathrooms, such as soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and toilet paper holders.

Bathroom Trends to Try at Home

Want to modernize your aged bathroom? Get design ideas from these popular bathroom themes, which feature modern color schemes, tile patterns, and high-tech accents. There is something for everyone in the most recent bathroom designs, which vary from calming and spa-like to vibrant and energizing.


Bathrooms are used for much more than just cleaning and going to the bathroom. The correct may make you feel peaceful and balanced or make a statement and appeal to your lively or energetic side because it is a place for relaxation. No of the size of your room, there are many ways to enhance it, from ultra-modern finishes to rustic charm. Try different colors, fixtures, and bathroom furniture, or keep it basic and clean.

Use these suggestions to remodel your main bathroom and make it a place you want to spend a lot of time as it is one of the most significant rooms in your home.

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