If you have your interiors done right, the next thing you need to be concerned about is the colors of the space. Colors can make or break the mood of any space, especially your living room as that is the very first thing anyone notices in your home. Due to the default layout arrangement, the living room is the first place for anyone to see and it eventually sets the tone of your entire home. There are various colors you can choose from when going for a living room décor but using two color combinations for the living room can be an elegant way to re-décor the place if you know how to choose the right color palette.

Of course, it is important to choose the right shades for your home but what is more important is to understand the vibes you need to create and then choose the best ones for your living space. It is crucial to keep the décor both engaging and welcoming whether you use the place for casual hangouts or as formal space to host gatherings. Let’s look at some modern two color combinations for the living room and how they complement each other making the place look elegant and one of a kind. 

Black and White

Black and White living room wall
Source: Pinterest

Black and white is a classic, minimalist, and elegant color scheme for your living room and can be a great choice if you love having timeless vibes into your home. You can use these colors in different proportions to get a light, neutral, or bold look. While using white for the walls and black as accents the place can be made look airy and large.  

Grey and Orange

Grey and Orange Living Room Walls
Source: Pinterest

These two colors make the place look more presentable and charming. If you are in love with bold hues, orange and gray is one of the most sought after two color combinations for living room walls. Going for dynamic and versatile gray paired with bright and fresh orange can lend some quirky character to the space.

Charcoal Grey and Royal Blue

Charcoal Grey and Royal Blue living room wall
Source: Pinterest

Add a touch of royalty to the room with this very sophisticated royal blue and charcoal gray hues. This is a very unique combination and can be used in both ways, as abstract colors and as furnishings as a pop of color. Going for gray walls and adding royal blue furniture or rugs will give a very warm and cozy vibe while accentuating the look.

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Citrine Yellow and Turquoise

Citrine Yellow and Turquoise living room wall
Source: Nerolac

Citrine yellow and turquoise may seem a little too old but trust us, it is a timeless combination and will make the place look colorful and lively. This combination is the best choice if you want to give your home a bohemian vibe. To make it more boho, add handmade macramé and lace curtains, and of course, some money plants. 

Pink and Cream

Pink and Cream living room wall
Source: Pinterest

Pink and cream is a classic and chic option if you believe in the fantasy Barbie world. Go for a light peachy cream wall and add one wall as a statement by going with bold pink paint. You can also go for light walls and bold accent furniture to keep it subtle yet classy.

White and Forest Green

White and Forest Green Living Room Walls
Source: Apartment Therapy

When thinking of modern two color combinations of living room walls, earthy colors like forest green and white are for the win. Go for a nature-themed living room with this green mural-style wall design and earthy shades for a calming atmosphere. Green exudes freshness and tranquility into the living space and when paired with white, the place looks soothing and calming.

Orange and Beige

orange and beige living room wall
Source: Pinterest

Want something that is elegant, classy, and unique in every way? Try out this orange and beige color combination for your living room walls that is not only fancy but also one of the most sought after colors as per Vastu Shastra, if you are a believer.  

Teal and White

white and teal living room wall
Source: Roomdsign

Teal is one of the most unique and prominent colors when discussing the modern two color combinations for living rooms as this helps in breaking the monotony of an all-white décor without making it look bold or extreme. It will keep the décor subtle yet make it colorful.  

Gold and White

Gold and White living room wall
Source: Pinterest

White and gold royalty is timeless and unbeatable and you can hardly go wrong with these two color combinations. Apply white and beige colors to the living room walls and add gold elements such as mirrors, light stripes, or glass shelves to add a touch of luxury.

Blue and Purple

Blue and Purple living room wall
Source: Nippon Paint

Not a fan of monochromatic looks? We have a color combination that will look incredibly powerful and make the place feel opulent. These blue and purple colors will help you have a place that feels determined and give a strong impact of power and high energy.

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Soft Blue and Beach Pink

Soft Blue and Beach Pink living room wall
Source: Belarte Studio

This soothing setup will make your day with its charm and layout that has soft blue and beach pink shades as the base. This tropical look paired with sprinkled oak spindle armchairs and drum table amplifies the serene atmosphere of the living room.   

Teal and Red

Teal and Red living room
Source: Freepik

We are in love with this teal and red high-drama American living room that emphasizes color blocking along with playing with textiles and folk art. The weaved upholstery and the accent walls complete this purely American interior.

Metallic Neutrals

Metallic Neutrals living room wall
Source: The providence Journal

Metallic always makes the place look more polished and upscale. You can choose any color that goes well with your metallic accents to create two color combinations for your living room. Pair metallic statement walls with any neutral color to keep it chic.

Royal blue and White

Royal blue and White living room wall
Source: Pinterest

If you know a bit about color psychology, blue is considered to be most calming color for your living space. Go for shades of blue paired with white to have the feeling of relaxation and unwinding. White walls, with rich blue accents and soft wood is enough to make the place look reminiscent of serene, cool waters.

Lavender and Yellow

Lavender and Yellow living room wall
Source: Adobe Stock

Lately lavender is becoming a top choice among the interior designers because of its striking appeal. It is crisp and bright and when paired with the perfect shade of yellow, it makes the place look full of energy and feel-good vibes.   

Two Tones of Blue

Two Tones of Blue og living room
Source: The Times

When it comes to choosing two color combinations for the living room, you can never go wrong with blues. Whether it is royal, aqua, turquoise, and cobalt, all shades of blue have a fun youthful vibes in them. You can experiment with any shade while keeping the other elements neutral. You know what the best part about blue is? It works like a charm with wood undertones.  

Purple and Pink

Purple and Pink living room wall
Source: Pinterest

Purple and pink are the most common color combinations for the living room. Tough, being common colors, you can make it more fun and unique by using various shades and tints of pink and purple.

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Monochrome Palette

Monochrome Palette living room wall
Source: Pinterest

If you love to have a monochromatic living space and want to play safe, try layering the place with different hues of the same shade. Try different ways to play with these shades by going with textures and patterns and layering but keeping it in the same palette to make it look clean and sleek.    

Grey and Green

Grey and Green living room
Source: Pinterest

Grey and green combination is something that will look both calm and stylish. Green is a way to show your love to mother nature and keep the place in sync with the exteriors while gray exudes style and personality to the living space creating a perfect balance between outdoors and indoors.

Grey and Beige

Grey and Beige living room wall
Source: Pinterest

Grey and beige are for those homeowners who want to have a modern living space that exhibits characteristics of elegance and richness. Pair these colors with a bit of metallic and you have a classy and luxurious space to cater your guests.   

Indigo and Pink

Indigo and Pink living room
Source: Asian Paints

Link your indoors with outdoors with this relaxing indigo and pink hues to keep your living space organic and authentic. This is a unique and tasteful combination to go for if you love to add character to your place.

Pro Tips

Apart from choosing these two color combinations for the living room, there are other things that can really help you have a great living space.

  •       Use elements of the Feng Shui and colors associated with it to bring a sense of harmony and balance into the space.
  •       Along with colors, use a variety of textures to add depth to your living room.
  •       If your color scheme is neutral, use fixtures and statement pieces to add pop of color.
  •       Choose earthy or neutral tones if you have adequate natural light flowing into the living space and some bright colors such as yellow where there is no natural light available.
  •       Lastly, choose colors that fit well with the space and layout of the place such as choosing darker hue for larger spaces and going with light and pastel hues for smaller places to make it look well putted.


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