An entryway is the best chance to create a great first impression of your house and yourself. If you have space in your entryway and want something appealing to enhance the look by adding an element of fun and functionality, try out these farmhouse entryway bench ideas and elevate the look of the space. These entryway benches can make your hallway more stylish and functional while also creating a welcoming cozy space in your home’s foyer. Want to know more about the farmhouse entryway decorating ideas? Read till the end to find the perfect bench for your space.

Farmhouse Entryway Ideas with Bench

Step into the world of farmhouse benches with us where you will find unique benches that will help you set the tone of your entire home. Check this Video Out to Know more

Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage

Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage
source: pinterest

Want to keep your entry area organized and stylish? Here’s one of the most practical ways to design your entryway bench. This kind of bench typically combines the seating with compartments or shelves underneath to store shoes and other accessories making it a comfortable place to sit down while putting or taking off shoes.

Bench Equipped with Hooks

Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage
source: wilshirecollections

Install a built-in bench with coat hooks into your entryway and keep things tidy. You can also add beadboard wall paneling to turn it into an accent wall. These hooks are stylish and inexpensive solutions if you don’t own a coat closet or want to keep jackets and hats handy all the time. Achieve a cohesive look by painting the bench and beadboard the same color.

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Entryway Bench With Coat Rack

Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage
source: etsy

Looking for farmhouse foyer ideas but nothing interests you? Incorporate this stylish entryway bench with a coat rack. This multifunctional piece typically includes a bench for seating, hooks or pegs for hanging coats, hats, and bags, and sometimes even shelves or compartments for shoes or other items. Additionally, choose a bench with a coat rack that complements your home’s décor.

Bench with Beachy Vibes

Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage
source: davidondemand

Who doesn’t like a relaxed beachy feel? A rattan bench like this exudes a relaxed, beachy atmosphere and is a perfect addition to your home. It’s a perfect blend of timeless design backed with ultimate comfort and a relaxed feel. For those seeking farmhouse entryway ideas with bench, this type of bench works well under a window since it doesn’t obstruct light. Make it more fun by incorporating a mixture of textures, and a couple of throw pillows while leaving enough space for someone to sit down.

Bench with a Back Support

Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage
source: homyhomee

Benches like this are a traditional yet elegant and comfortable choice for an entryway. Benches with back support give plenty of room to play with colors, design, and texture. You can go for a highly decorative back or incorporate classy throw pillows with vibrant hues.

Entryway Bench with Drawers

Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage
source: walmart

An entryway bench with drawers is an excellent choice for those who want to keep their entry area tidy and organized while adding functional seating. These benches typically feature one or more drawers underneath the seat, providing concealed storage for items like shoes, gloves, scarves, or other small accessories.

Mirrored Masterpiece

Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage
source: pinterest

An entryway bench with a mirror is a practical and stylish solution for your foyer or mudroom. This combination piece typically features a bench for seating, often with storage underneath, paired with a mirror mounted above or integrated into the design. Having a mirror in the entryway is not only convenient for a last-minute outfit check before heading out the door but also helps to create the illusion of more space and light in the entry area.
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Built In Bench

Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage
source: homyracks

When there is space constraint, a smarter way to deal with it is to go for built-in furniture all around the house. This built-in bench has storage cabinets, drawers, and cubbies that are customized to you and your family’s needs. Alternatively, the built-ins can also be treated as a decorative feature by using a paint color that contrasts the walls or adding texture with storage baskets.

Elegant Circular Bench

Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage
source: pinterest

A custom built furniture is often the answer to all the space issues of the house. This becomes more evident when you are working with smaller spaces and negative spaces.  If your entryway also features negative space, a round bench can fill up the space without having to push other furniture.  This will not only fill up the space but will also make an unexpected design statement that will instantly elevate the entryway.

Upholstered Storage Bench

Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage
source: royalfurniture

In this time of smart interiors and smaller spaces, it is important to incorporate smart and multitasking elements. This upholstered entryway bench is the perfect example of the ultimate multitasker. It elevates the room with a comfy seat cushion, ample storage space, and eye-catching fabric. It can also be used as a temporary coffee table or ottoman in the living room. What else do you need?

Sleek Drop Zone

Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage
source: Better Homes and Gardens

Modern problems need modern solutions. This spacious entryway with modern storage solutions is a sleek and stylish way to welcome the guests. It features a cushioned seating area and a cubby underneath for boots and shoes while the other side stacks shelves, with one long shelf across the top and hooks for keeping all the essentials

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Rustic Reclaimed

Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage
source: pinterest

If you are a true lover of timeless pieces, this hallway bench ideas is perfect for you. This rustic wood bench is simple, yet has a big dose of character. It is a perfect fit for a narrow entryway and a slim-profile one such as this doesn’t take up too much space or block the front door. It completely transforms the space and turns the hallway into a welcoming entryway.

Small Mudroom Bench

Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage
source: ashleywinndesign

A smaller mudroom doesn’t mean a compromise in design. Incorporate these small mudroom bench ideas that help maximize functionality and organization in your small mudroom while still providing a comfortable and stylish seating option.


Transform your entryway into a welcoming space with these farmhouse entryway bench ideas. Whether you are a lover of old rustic simplicity or want to include modern elegance into the décor, we have included benches that suit every taste and budget. Before choosing an entryway bench, consider other furniture in the room and consider the length, height, width, and style, to ensure the space feels cohesive.

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