The approach to house design has undergone a significant shift recently. Owners of apartments and houses who are not designers may alter their living environments more readily than ever, from picking the right furnishings to choosing their favourite sources of inspiration.

Anybody can create their own home using paid, no-cost, and online home interior and room designer apps. They make it simple to decide on a colour scheme and determine how much finishing material is needed. Even a virtual reality tour of the updated interior is available.

This list includes the top 12 best interior design apps. The majority of these solutions work well on both PCs and mobile devices. Learn more about PC programs for interior design. Information applies to 2022.

These are 2d and 3d home design apps:

1. Homestyler

You may quickly accomplish space planning, the app for house design, decoration, furniture placement, and house or apartment restoration with the aid of the Homestyler house design app. To create the style of your area with this room designer, you only need to choose the furniture you prefer, move, rotate, and put it.

Both professionals and amateurs who have never done it professionally can use the service. This house design app’s user-friendly layout and basic features let even those without experience develop innovative solutions.

2. Room Planner

IKEA offers a room designer free software called Room Planner. You can quickly build a three-dimensional model of a room on your smartphone using the Room Planner app, furnish it, consider the design, and try it all out in real-time.

The ideal strategy to create floor plans and procedures is to organise the space in 2D, examine it in 3D, and make necessary changes.

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3. Planner 5D

A home interior planner featuring a variety of tools for dealing with 2D and 3D formats is Planner 5D. Enables you to design the space in 3D and construct virtual furniture models. It does not need the user to possess specialised architectural knowledge. Both enthusiasts and beginners can use an intuitive UI with realistic controls.

4. HomeByMe

A virtual Online Interior Design tool called HomeByMe may help you find ideas for the furniture and accents in your house. Before buying new furniture or modifying your room, use it to conceive and see the various home design and décor possibilities. Various tools are available in the home interior design app to help with editing and building 3D models. You can even come up with 3D structure using the app.

5. Housecraft

Housecraft is a free interactive room designer app that lets you view every item of furniture and décor you’ve bought in the ideal environment so you can evaluate how best to utilise them and where they should be installed.

It is a fantastic program for interior decoration with a sizable furniture catalogue from which to choose. The furniture’s height, breadth, and dimensions are adjustable. Enables you to pack and create a 3D house design according to the instructions.

6. Amikasa

Amikasa is the program for you if you want a more in-depth approach to decorating but want to utilize natural objects rather than stock photos. Using this 3D room designer, you may duplicate and furnish your area to the precise measurements needed to accommodate furniture and other accessories from different vendors.

7. Houzz

A helpful Android home planner lets you create a 3D room design for nothing. Houzz offers assistance with all planning and repair phases. You may sort the approximately 9 million high-resolution images by style, room, and location.

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This home designer includes connections to businesses that offer this product and a catalogue of furniture, home accessories, and interior and décor products with actual costs. You may make adjustments, highlight areas, and make notes when working with drawings.

To help you realise your ambitions and ideas for improving your apartment, our home planner also includes a list of recommended goods and a tonne of profiles of the top designers, architects, constructors, and other professionals. With only a few clicks, you can design your home with Houzz.

8. Home Design 3D

The software Home Design 3D is accessible to all users. You can simply design, furnish, and decorate your home with the aid of this home designer, discuss ideas with other users, and view all of this in 2D or 3D mode.

This program has no intricate features, and utilising it doesn’t require specialized knowledge. Even if you’ve never used a program like this before, you may start building with this house builder software because its functions are freely accessible.

9. RoomStyler 3D Home Planner

A free online room design tool is called Roomstyler. You only need to visit the property and choose the room layout to utilize our virtual interior design tool. You may alter this form by creating your own space or selecting from pre-made materials. In addition to being able to put furniture and drag objects into your area, you can also use a virtual camera that can be positioned at any angle to “see” the room. Roomstyler 3D Home Planner also offers real furniture and accessories that can be bought online from well-known retailers like IKEA, John Lewis, Moooi, Marcel Wanders, and others.

10. Roomle

There is yet another simple and engaging online virtual room designer for constructing your environment. Your layout plan may be entered and used immediately. Any housing layout or sketch may be uploaded as the backdrop picture. The typical user, as opposed to expert designers or architects, is the target audience for that room builder.

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11. Floor Plan Creator

The free Android app Floor Plan Creator allows users to create digital floor layouts. With the help of this floor planner, you can quickly build your ideal house or check to see whether a piece of furniture will fit in the given area without having to be an architect. Plans for one or more floors may be made in 2D, and then you can add furniture and see the finished product in 3D. This floor plan creator offers both rooms with straight walls and rooms in various forms.


A floor plan app is called MagicPlan. This program will assist you in swiftly designing a place from your Android or iOS device, such as a home or office. Using augmented reality, it’s possible to build spaces based on camera photos and resize existing ones. For each level or room, you may also add remarks. The room visualizer software allows you to design a 2D layout that you can examine in 3D and move around to get a better sense of the space.


We are compelled to conclude from the comparison that there is no perfect room designer for realistic interior design. The top home design apps are listed for you in this post. Although each of the tools above has pros and cons, they all warrant consideration because they may substantially speed up designing a kitchen or bedroom.

You won’t know if one of these free interior design applications suits you and your chores until you start using it. Choose the most OK room design app for you after reading this.

Besides this, there are also many free room and home design apps. I hope this article has helped you. Please read the article carefully.

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