Are you waiting for the stunning bedroom Ceiling design 2023? Yes, We get it. Maybe you seeing extravagant or flamboyant false bedroom ceiling designs in the market, but every time You like to keep things simple in your area. So you can fix it that which things you need for your bedroom or what we would serve you some simple false ceiling designs for your clean halls, and also we will give your drawing room a worldly-wise look.

Show this concept to your interior designers as a reference, so that you can have your dream designs while incorporating their expert inputs.

Determination of the Cost of bedroom ceiling Designs

The designs of the false ceiling should be very elaborate and decorative.

The price, availability of the ceiling material in the local market/city;

The quality of material used by interiors;

The chances of covered (per square feet rates) bigger areas by materials which can be ordered in bulk.

The additional costs like gala cutting, electrical works, surface finish and light fixtures.

If you choose to add plywood –

The cost of plywood will vary depending on the quality of the material (PVC wood finish is cheaper than any other plywood, commercial plywood is expensive, and waterproof marine ply is comparatively economical), the veneers or laminate type plywood used to finish the surface (veneers are much expensive), and the complexity of the design also required expenses (how much quantity of material is used or some requirements skilled labor).

If you choose to insert glass –

It will depend upon the quality of the glass. Like if you use clear, opaque, textured, or Anything else, then the cost of glass will expand. And also a brand of such glass is used by interiors. Acrylic brand of glass can be so cheaper than any other brand but it has much ability to diffuse the light from glass. There is another option, which is mostly used in commercial projects, this is fiberglass. Fiberglass is a composite material.

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There are so many bedroom ceiling designs options available. Such as

  1. Try the Ceiling With a Neat Tray Design:-

    Tray Design Ceiling Design

    You can begin with the extremely simple tray design. This bedroom ceiling design tray has lower edges which gives your ceiling a neat and clear border. This is enough to define the ceiling design when to focus on the room and its beautiful interior. You can also install warm recessed light which will gives your ceiling design a minimal look with emanate a soft glow. It can keep the elegance if the bedroom.

  2. Use a Classy Ceiling Fan and a Chandelier:-

    Classy Ceiling Fan and a Chandelier

    If you would rather decorate your simple bedroom ceiling design with tray design, you can choose a chandelier instead of recessed lighting. Yes, of course, the fan would fit the bill. We recommend that you pick an idea with blades that suits the entire design of your false ceiling. It would be a lovely combination if you come together with a chandelier, a fan, and a false ceiling with recessed lights on the lower portion in a modern apartment Hall.

  3. Glam up your tray design:-

    Glam up your tray design

    Want to add something more but still it should be sophisticated? Show your Interior or contractor designer to fix the high-quality plywood or wooden base of the false ceiling with a decorative touch. You could also add some incorporated material like metal, glass or PVC. This false ceiling design has a wooden base where a fan can place in center. And it is covered with two flush mounts on both sides and recessed lighting on the periphery to make the design gorgeous.

  4. Give an interesting layered tray look:-

    Interesting layered tray look

    The layered tray bedroom ceiling design 2023 is very stylish and at the same time also a simple design for a well-decorated bedroom. This design can featuring multiple trays. It is a great choice for those who want to make their bedroom without going for some embellishments, lights, and colors, etc.

  5. Opt for a researched look:-

    researched look

    Instead of tray ceilings, you could also try the variant. Moving beyond the tray ceiling to recessed false ceiling design. Without looking ostentatious the design highlights the room as much as it highlights the bedroom ceiling design. The researched look is a simple designed with coved edges. It requires a minimalist pendant light hanging from the centre so that it would be a very eye-catching uncomplicated design.

  6. Give simple shapes to try:-

    Give simple shapes to try

    Now to experiment a different kinds of shapes. Keeping the simple design you can add some shapes ( like circle hollow, square, triangle) to accommodate a ceiling light. And two tube lights attached to opposite edges which provide ample lighting.

  7. Try a suspended island:-

    suspended island

    You need both the recessed and tray styles? How about you if a suspended island in the middle of your tray-styled bedroom ceiling design 2023? This suspended island decorated with cove lighting and thus it provides a soft glow around your false ceiling design. It is very eye catching and attractive but never bothers it.

  8. Add some cove lighting on celling:-

    cove lighting on ceiling

    This is a similar design but with a smaller island. And the smaller size is actually made for the lights or a ceiling fan. This smaller island also lit up the larger space by the cove lighting.

  9. Anchor the drawing-room:-

    Anchor the drawing-room

    The bedroom should have a suspended island with cove lighting and recessed lighting to give a uniform glow. Like other styles, this design also can cover the centre of your living room arrangements like a rug or carpet on the floor.

  10. Go bold at the same time give it simple:-

    bold at the same time give it simple

    Sometimes it looks so nice, to make a bold design with a simple look. This type of style has a suspended island in form of bulkier and recessed lights with an unique pattern. It is a ideal design for high celling rooms. It also gives a architectural look with the average ceiling height.

  11. Update with track light for a contemporary look:-

    contemporary look

    Finally, you could also try a contemporary look in your simple false bedroom ceiling design 2023. While tracking lights are the most common seen for rooms and some spaces that need to be well illuminated. If you want then you can add this style in your bedroom because it would give your room a contemporary and unique look.

  12. Wooden planks:-


    You are thinking about wooden flooring? If yes, then you should know about the wooden beams which can fixed to your false celling. This style gives a warmth look and rustic charm. Yes it would be very costly if you choose the real wood. But you can also replaced it with faux wood or etc.

  13. Extended panel:-

    Extended panel

    If it does not satisfy you with the restricted ceiling then you can opt for this extended style. As broad as your bed, this panel can extent up to the last part of celling. You can add a colored or patterned wallpaper in it or any other celling material golden trims etc which gives the neat finish.

    As a homeowner, you can cover your bedroom’s ceiling design with a lighter botanical wallpaper, which will give you a dreamy effect. You can set up your room designs matched with roomowners. Like for a child, you can add some quirky wallpaper. For a teenager, you should add colorful and soothing wallpapers etc.

  14. Give it a Circular try:-


    Circular ceiling design

    Circular shapes are meant to be an artistic style. It is not only to make a place ideal or to fix a chandelier but it also focus on both your bed and ceiling. You can choose the spectacular effect in you recessed lighted ceiling. Not only circular shapes, but oval, rectangular shapes also suit the spectacular effect.

  15. Modern, detailed & expansive:-

    Modern ceiling design

    Yes, you can find the latest designs and different styles in just one bedroom! This larger portion of the false ceiling is simple and straightforward with small recessed lights. However, this modern detailed bedroom ceiling have a wooden section in between and that also highlights the bed and the front area of it. At the extreme for an ornamental appeal, parallel gypsum planks are horizontally fixed.

FYI! What No One Tells You

There are certain other things that would be extremely helpful to know, while you cost of false ceilings. These are…

Gypsum is the default thing that every interior or contractor uses. Many times the contractors, suppliers, or house owners use the term ‘POP’ interchangeably.

We refer to gypsum panels as pop bedroom ceiling design. And the term ‘pop ceiling’ could also be used to refer to unique moldings which are added on both sides of the ceiling. And also over the base or chandelier, it can be placed. Yes, it is enough expensive, but also depends on the design and size.

We calculate strip moldings in running feet (RFT) whereas the normal or base moldings come at a fixed rate. ‘Gyproc’ by Saint Gobain, is a well-known brand for gypsum, that an architect widely use.
So, which one of these you are going to pick for your lovely bedroom? Here is bestest best 15 unique false bedroom ceiling design, that will obviously make your jaw drop! You can choose simple bedroom ceiling design 2023 ideas, that can be made of glasses or wooden. But it should glam up your tray design and your entire room.

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