We all have that one space into our house that caters to all storage needs and that can accommodate almost all your belongings to keep the other parts of the house clean and decluttered. Whether it is at the back of your home or is a focal point at the entryway, it is always great to have the dedicated space for all storage options to keep this place refreshing at all times. We often treat this room as a dumping area for all manners of things but to make it unique, we must first consider what exactly needs to be stored in this area. Mudroom design can really turn the heads with its super organised and sleek layout. The only thing that needs to be taken care of while finalising a mudroom design idea is to consider what are the exact requirements. Take a look below at some of our favourite mudroom decor ideas for every size and shape.

Bold & Beautiful

beautiful mudroom 1
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If you are fortunate enough to have a designated space for your mudroom, take it as an opportunity to make a statement with bold and beautiful interiors. Don’t be afraid to go with bold colours to add a sense of depth and give dimension to your space. This can also prove to be a great way to make a statement when the mudroom is in the entryway.

Command Center

Mudroom decor
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It is not easy to grab all your necessities when you are in a hurry without forgetting something or the other. Make your mudroom your command centre that can help you get systematic while entering or exiting your house. You can also add white and cork boards, calendars and other things to remind you of important events and dates. This thing works like magic for working parents. (Don’t believe us? Try it yourself)

Beachy Feels

Blue Mudroom 3
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When designing a mudroom for a beach house, you get a clear and relatively bigger place to create a cosier and warmer place. You can go all creative with the interiors by adding a reading nook or a place that reflects your personality. If you want the same coastal feels into your house, paint with a soothing blue colour and match with the aesthetic of the rest of your home.

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Pet Friendly

Mudroom decor for pet 4
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Give your pet the privacy it needs by building a pet friendly mudroom that keeps your pet cosy at all times. As the mudroom is mainly used to remove the clothes worn outdoors, this can prove to be a good place for a pet that likes to spend time outdoors.

Bright & Airy

Mudroom Decor 5
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When you leave or enter the house, it is important to lift your spirits and what is a great way to do that than having a bright and colourful mudroom? Go bold with colours and let the natural light shine bright into the place. To make it more inviting, opt for a Dutch door that makes it easier to use it as a window while also using it as a gate to let pets in and out.

 Functional & Stylish

Functional & Stylish mudroom 6
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However stylish the space is, it is always important to make the space functional and having a flow going on. A place where people can sit, grab their coat, throw boots, and head out can help you have a decluttered space and use the place to its maximum capacity. A great mudroom is a place that can instantly organise anything thrown to it with a stylish outlook amidst the chaos.

Refreshing Mudroom

Clean Mudroom 7
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Basic function of the mudroom is to keep the place well organised and reduce the stress by having a dedicated space for all the belongings. Go for separate compartments to store different items and make the place refreshing by adding décor elements to it. Add wicker baskets to store miscellaneous things to help things decluttered.

Mudroom cum Laundry room

Mudroom cum Laundry room 8
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If you happen to have a mudroom at the back of your home, use this place as a laundry room to save a ton of space for other things. The countertops and cabinetry can be used to store your coats and other things while the laundry machine can be installed under the countertop. Go for floor-to-ceiling cupboard on the other side to store the laundry essentials.

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Cabinets & more Cabinets

mudroom with cabinets 9
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If you have a large family, you probably need more space to store things for all in addition to the bedroom storage area. The mudroom can be useful for storing things for the whole family if you add cabinets for all walls. Cabinets with compartments can also help in storing things separately for each person to make things super easy.

Smart Storage with Labels

Storage with mudroom 10
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If you haven’t used labels for your storage areas, trust us, you are missing out on a real smart storage option. Labels can make your work super easy as you don’t have to search for space while storing or while taking out the things. Also, this will encourage your whole family to keep things at its designated space. Labelled bins at the bottom can also help in making things accessible for kids to store towels and backyard tools.

Blend with Outdoors

 Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

If you plan to have a mudroom in the entryway, this option is the best to go for. Slowly blend the outdoors with the indoors by adding the soothing elements such as glass doors and skylight and let this corridor connect the hallway with the outdoors in a seamless manner.

Optimum Usage

Optimum Usage mudroom 12
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Other spaces in the house are meant to look cooler and decorative and can take up lots of space with little or no storage thus getting the optimum use of the mudroom is important to balance out the storage options. A sectioned-off organising system with lots of storage while keeping a floor-to-ceiling cupboard open for almost everything is a fantastic way to dump in anything and everything.

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A Little Show Off

Mudroom decor 13
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A little showoff does no harm to your décor. In addition to the cabinetry, try having an open space with hoops that can help you hang your dirty coats and other belongings. When kept empty, you can also store and hang wreaths and other things to store it and keep the décor intact. This will also act as a decorative piece and keep your things intact for a longer time.

Moody Vibes

moody vibes mudroom 14
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Just because the mudroom is designed to store your belongings, it doesn’t mean it should be strait-laced and bland. Go for a glam mudroom that features dramatic paint colors and textural chevron motif of the wood. Create a moody vibe into the space by adding your favorite decorative elements that makes it refreshing and soothing.

Bring In Blooms

Plant Mudroom15
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There are a variety of things you can do with your mudroom in addition to storing things. In addition to being purely utilitarian, the mudroom can be a great place to have an impromptu garden to store your indoor plants. Add some indoor plants and flowers to transform it into a dreamy disguise to create a functional space.

Makeshift Mudroom Nook

Mudroom cubbies 16
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If you don’t own a space that you can dedicate as a mudroom at the front or the back of your house, create a makeshift mudroom nook at the corner. You can use this place by adding cabinetry and countertops to get the most out of this nook. Mudroom cubbies will make this nook more than just clean and sleek. Nothing can beat a well-organised mudroom whether the space is smaller or bigger.

Multipurpose Mudroom

Multipurpose Mudroom 17
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Mudroom can be much more than just a place to store your belongings. It can accommodate a laundry machine or a coffee table or a playroom or anything you want to add to the place. The versatility of a mudroom storage is beyond imagination and there is a lot of scope for being creative here without being judged.

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