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If you want to give a makeover to your living room, nothing but a Bohemian interior can do wonders! Here are 15+ Minimalist Bohemian Living Room Design Ideas for an intriguing and quirky living room makeover.

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  1. If you love beige as a color, try to incorporate your sofa set in that color. Now add some pop up colors like red or orange cushions for that sofa. Add some greeneries around your sitting area. Add lots of colorful pictures and postcards on the backside wall. We can finish the whole look with proper lighting arrangements.
  2. You can also have floor seating arrangements. Add a comfortable mattress on the floor, add a proper rag on it and place lots of comfortable cushions to create a cozy corner. Adding greenery to your room will change its look of it totally. Add live plants in your room and a handmade chandelier will complete the look. 
  3. Giving importance to the backside wall is the main target here. Add lots of framed pictures here and put a low sofa set with comfortable cushions on it. Add some live plants or green fake plants in the room to finish the look. 
  4. Not everyone has big rooms to give a makeover. If you have a small corner, you can convert it into a bohemian corner too! Place a sofa filled with lots of colorful cushions on it. A colorful rug should be there on the backside wall. Add some wooden furniture to finish the look.

    Bohemian living room


  5. Convert your boring place into a cozy yet minimalist Bohemian living room with lots and lots of plants. Place different types of indoor plants at different corners, center table, furniture top of the room. Find a beautiful chandelier and some statement quirky cane chairs to finish the look. 
  6. Imagine a colorful hammock inside your living room! Prepare a long open cupboard on the backside of the room. Place all your books, cassettes and other sets here. Add an adequate amount of living and fake plants in your room. Now add a cozy sofa with cushions in front to complete the look. 
  7. Do you have an old suitcase or trunk? Then convert it into a quirky centre table. Place some candles on it. Prepare a cozy sitting place with lots of cushions. Place colorful rugs hanging from the ceiling to create a Bohemian feel.
  8. Keep white as the base color of the room. Add ottomans and sofas of white color and keep the wall colors white as well. Add lots of greenery in the room to make a complete blend. Bohemian rugs are easily available in the market, buy some to add colors to the room. 
  9. Do you love hanging plants? Then add as many you want to in your living room. Place lower sofas with colorful covers on them. Place a colorful rug on the floor. Some ottomans of wooden colors as well.

    Bohemian Living Room Design


  10. The whole seating will be done on hanging here. Contact some experts for the hanging part though. Keep the base color white and add more colorful rugs, cushions, plants and wooden furniture to complete a quirky Bohemian look. 
  11. Keep the base color white and place a white comfy white rug on the floor. Place some beige cushions on the sofa. The centre table should be quirky. You can find one intrigued design for it, maybe a centre table with small wheels will add that quirky look. 
  12. Place a sofa and two ottomans with white base color. Keep the background wall and floor in white shade. Now add lots of colorful crochet covers on the sofas. You can add a live plant on the side of the sofa to complete the look. 
  13. Add a brown color sofa set in to your minimalist bohemian living room to change the whole look. Also, incorporate some cushions in the same color base on the sofas with a white macrame on the backside wall. Place some green plants in the room. Adding a white quirky chandelier will complete the look. 
  14. Convert your boring corner by placing a cane chair and a cushion and rug on it. Place a Dreamcatcher on the backside wall and a macrame on the side wall. Place some green plants to complete the look.

    Bohemian Living Room Designs Ideas
  15.  Who told you Bohemian looks can only portray beige, white, steel colors! You can add as many colors as possible in the room. Add red sofas in the room with lots of colorful cushions and colorful rugs. Add wood furniture to finish the look. 
  16. Hang a wooden swing in the room. Place some comfy white rugs and white furniture in the room. Place some green plants on the furniture to complete the look. 

If you implement these ideas, you can also have a minimalist bohemian living room to flaunt.

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