Window design is probably one of the most neglected parts when it comes to designing the space as while finalising the layout, we don’t tend to plan around the window placement, instead allocate the spare area for the windows. Apart from being an integral part of the décor, windows are an essential source for having ample light and air into the space. Also, windows don’t come in one-size-fits-all design, thus each place needs different types of window designs to fit well in the layout. Different window designs serve different purposes and it becomes quite crucial to go for the right ones to fit your home. To get you through this selection, we have gathered some unique window design ideas, let’s have a look.

Traditional Windows

Traditional Windows design ideas 1
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When going for window design for homes that are traditional and Victorian styled, you need to focus on the window design that is sympathetic to the age of the place and the architectural style. Most traditional places feature timber sash windows that can be single pane or two-over-two.

Single & Double hung Windows

Single & Double Window Design Ideas 2
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These are the most common and popular types of windows. This features sashes that fit inside the frames and allows the glass to move. In single sash windows only the lower layer can be opened and closed while in the double hung windows, both the layers can be moved up and down. These types of windows are most common for open spaces that allow natural light inside the home.

Bay Windows

Bay Windows designh ideas 3
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When you are looking for modern window seat ideas or design ideas, Bay windows are the ones you really need. These bay windows are nothing but the combination of three windows that provide abundant natural lights and expansive view of outdoors. If you own a place in a high-rise apartment, these windows will prove to be the best addition for your place.

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Transom Windows

Transom Windows design ideas 4
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Transom windows are found over the door or any other window that separates the top of a door or window from the ceiling. This house window design is persistent from the 14th century and still can be found in almost every home. The most common ones are the semi-circular ones over the entrance but with the change in architectural styles, these can be found in numerous shapes and varieties.

Contemporary Windows

Contemporary Windows design ideas 5
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Contemporary architecture never fails to impress and when it comes to windows, this style enhances the beauty of the place like no other. Contemporary window design combines various features of architecture such as design aesthetics and efficiency. This type of window generally features large glass panels and has minimal hindrances. Clean lines and open spaces need something that helps you connect with the outer spaces and what is more fascinating than these contemporary large windows.

Framed Windows

Framed Windows design ideas 6
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Frames are in existence from the advent of window designs for obvious reasons but in modern and contemporary design trends, frames such as UPVC are gaining tremendous popularity among the other window frames. They provide improved energy efficiency along with a stylish and classy look that makes the place look more polished. Also, UPVC frames are ideal for all weather conditions as they do not get chilled in winters nor get too hot in summers.

Casement Windows

Casement Windows design ideas 7
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Casement windows open outwards unlike other windows that slide up and down. If you are looking for window design ideas for your kitchen, this one is the best one to go for. These casement windows feature hinges in the sides that help you to easily swing open the window. Also, this type of window is ideal for the places where it is difficult to physically push the window open. Also, if you are concerned about your home office décor and don’t want it to look like you are working in a cubicle surrounded by boring furniture, addition of casement windows will work like a charm.

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Picture Windows

Picture Windows design ideas 8
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If you are looking for a modern window design that allows you to have a beautiful view of the outdoors, these picture windows are the perfect choice. These are ideal if you want to create a visual frame and allow the scenic beauty of outdoors to be a part of your indoors. Also this one is a great choice when looking for modern window grill designs as these windows feature minimal grills to create a best visual frame.

Entryway Windows

Entryway Windows design 9
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Whatever high-end interiors you go for in your house, if the first impression of the place does not reflect positive vibes, the whole look will get ruined. It is important to make a good first impression and that can be achieved with this unique entryway window. A well-planned entryway window is sure to make a visual interest in the place while also getting the place functional. This will also add a bit of drama to the space and provide a smooth transition between indoors and outdoors.

Balcony Windows

Balcony Windows design ideas 10
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Balconies are something that will add a sense of calmness into your living room and bed room that no other feature can give. These classic French windows will allow you to seamlessly bond the indoors with outdoors while also enhancing the beauty of the exterior façade of the place. This window will also help in keeping the room illuminated with lots of natural light and air throughout the day. We are out of words for the view it will provide during the nights.

Dormer Windows

Dormer Windows design ideas 11
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Dormer windows are the perfect choice for homes that have expansive roofs that may sometimes feel heavy. To break this heavy look and keep it airy and simple, these dormer windows can be used. It will also help in balancing the exterior elements of the home among the other things.

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Clerestory Windows

Clerestory Windows design idea 12
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Clerestory windows are of great use when you want to have ample natural light into the space without compromising the privacy of the area. Look at the Clerestory windows installed in the kitchen that helps in having natural lights besides providing the view of passing clouds. These windows highlight specific areas of the ceiling and focus on architectural details.

Custom Windows

Custom Windows design ideas 13
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There are instances where you won’t want to go for any specific architectural style and create something unique and personalised of your choice to give your home that character you want. These custom trims will help you have a window of your choice that can be tailored according to your needs and can be a unique touch for your overall interiors.

What Style Should You Choose?

When considering new windows for your place, try to choose the style that suits the age and style of the property. It is very important to consider the overall décor of the place and then choose the window style to ensure the addition doesn’t devalue your property. Try considering the colour of the frame, brick, and stone, material used, and other parameters for a perfect window design for home. Also, don’t just choose the one based solely on current trends as it is a permanent change that can last up to 30 years making it important to go for classics other than just trendy.

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