Modern kitchen countertop designs are stylish, functional as well as versatile. They are available in a variety of designs to suit every taste and need. Island kitchens are gaining popularity rapidly among urban homeowners. Apart from being functional and visually appealing, island kitchens provide solutions for several common problems:

  • If your kitchen lacks counter and cabinet space, an island can help to add workspace as well as extra storage. It can also help to house appliances like microwaves, OTGs, toasters etc.
  • If you are among those who need extra space for food preparation, a kitchen island can be the perfect solution. The island offers a larger space for more people to work together in the kitchen.
  • In case you own a straight kitchen or galley kitchen, the hob or the sink can be fixed separately on the island to accomplish the mulch desired kitchen work triangle.

Here are 25 kitchen island design ideas for you;

  1. You can render your stunning kitchen island table in luxuriant brown and white tones. Let the island serve as the breakfast counter and keep the lighting arrangement pleasant. This will add visual appeal as well as functionality to the counter. Use the single straight counter of the kitchen for cooking and washing purposes. The island will provide ample space for chopping food or serving food to informal guests. Not only this, but this counter is also perfect for a romantic dinner of two!
  2. How about a classic oak and white kitchen island table that features a central island supplementing an L shaped counter? Position the island in such a way that it sections the kitchen space according to the traffic movement and also provides space for extra cooking, preparation and storage. Such a countertop essentially anchors the space while perfectly binding in with the rest of the kitchen.
  3. Designing your island kitchen with a stylish black and white scheme maximises storage and accommodates multiple functions. Let the island house the sink. Thus, it is not just good for chopping and washing but also offers cozy seating for your friends and family members. You can also utilise the space beneath the sink for storing your kitchen supplies.

    Modern Kitchen Island Design
  4. You can also try out warm colours for your kitchen island. It’s no doubt that you will enjoy cooking in such a warm, homely and spacious island kitchen. Let the island house the hob. This will provide a separate cooking counter and free up the remaining counter space for other activities. You can also use this island to store utensils and other frequently used items. This will eliminate any waste of time or effort while cooking.
  5. How about a sleek arrangement for your island kitchen? This modular kitchen design combines looks with functionality. Such a sleek arrangement has everything that a person needs.
  6. You can utilise the central island as a storage area as well as a breakfast counter, providing your family with every opportunity to spend time together. If you have kids, this becomes a favourite study place for them While you can cook with your partner and supervise the children simultaneously. Go for a low hanging pendant to get plenty of light on the surface for all activities.
  7. If you want to give a stylish look to your portable kitchen island, you can position the counter off to the side. This arrangement will define the cooking area while providing a neat little nook for breaks between chores. It’s no doubt that you will love to sit here with a mug of coffee and a book with some music in the company!
  8. If you are fond of cleanliness, go for a white kitchen and countertop. Let your kitchen feature plenty of light and clean lines. Also, include clean white cabinetry that offers brightness which will get reflected in the marble top. Go for a navy island along with brass bar stools to provide sitting that is both stylish and functional.
  9. To offset the weight of the cantilevered countertop that extends from the base of the island, you can add brass poles to the outer corner of the counter, the poles coordinate with the brass fixtures in the rest of the kitchen and create a continuous design throughout the space.
  10. You can sprinkle your updated kitchen with both modern and classic touches. Painting the island periwinkle blue anchors the mostly white room and also serves as the focal point of your kitchen.
  11. A rich wooden portable kitchen island will serve as the main preparation area in your kitchen that is brimming with a sleek design. Keep four modern rustic barstools to complement the island while providing the perfect spot to enjoy a quick meal.
  12. To add warmth to your home’s bright white kitchen, add gold and black accents and wooden details on the island. These wooden details bring the rustic farmhouse feel to live in the space.

    Modern Kitchen Island Design
  13. The colour blue symbolises many feelings associated with peace, relaxation and calmness. All these characteristics make this colour the perfect shade for a high traffic room such as the kitchen. Apart from looking beautiful, it also forms the focal point of your house.
  14. To give the homeowners an additional dining option, you can add four barstools to the kitchen island. This space functions perfectly as a breakfast bar for the family or as overflow seating when they entertain friends and family.
  15. Pattern and texture are the key elements to maximise the beauty of your kitchen. Use bold bold peony and vine backsplash along with sleek wood cabinets to make a dramatic statement. Go for a vibrant pink colour for the island to match the overall light, let a contemporary pendant light illuminate the space.
  16. The three key materials to create an industrial interior vibe are brick, wood and metal. Go for a black counter. This industrial kitchen island table mixes all these three by adding a dramatic effect to the island and exposed ductwork for extra impact.
  17. To give a modern look to the kitchen, go for a combination of a marble countertop, wood panelling and metal stools. These three materials combine harmoniously to create an envy-worthy island in the middle of your contemporary chic kitchen.
  18. Just because your kitchen space is small, it does not mean that you can’t incorporate an island. Go for a navy blue kitchen island as it will add additional workspace as well as a seating area to the otherwise small areas.
  19. If you are willing to give a sophisticated theme to your kitchen, go to a texture-rich space with a simple feel. This goal can be easily achieved by using cabinets that are a mix of wood and back painted glass paired with black countertops. Carry these choices into the island too to create a sleek, streamlined design for the heart of this sophisticated home.
  20. To give an eye-catching twist to a neutral kitchen, you can accentuate the space with gorgeous rich colour. A show-stopping eggplant purple hue island along with a white countertop and gold pulls add the bright contrast.
  21. If the interior of your home is rich in pattern, keep the kitchen clean, white and fairly minimalistic. Go for a navy blue island with black countertops to get the right amount of contrast.

    Modern Kitchen Island Design
  22. How about a Mediterranean inspired portable kitchen island design for your kitchen? Let the kitchen be open and bright with dark wood details to provide the right amount of gravitas. Hang a sparkling chandelier above the large island to echo the curves of the room’s arches.
  23. You can blend leather bar chairs with wooden finishes. Hang four heavy black pendant lights from a square above the polished countertop for better visibility. The elegant light along with the natural wood exposed beams give a country influence to this contemporary design kitchen.
  24. To add a theme of rustic friendliness to the open concept kitchen, go for a butcher block countertop on the island. Also include stainless steel range hood and dark blue cabinetry to add a refined feel to the centre of the kitchen space.
  25. Marble topped island allows greater family and friends to gather around without losing comfort. Go for warm tones for the island base and barstools. These warm tones help to create a cosy atmosphere within the bustling space.

In every kitchen, there is the potential for great display, functionality and storage. However sadly, all the kitchens don’t have enough of these. A kitchen island solves these problems and looks beautiful too. From mobile kitchen with seating to seating area islands, the amenity of having one or two islands in your kitchen is a bonus. If your kitchen lacks a storage area, a kitchen island may come to the rescue. With the option of additional drawers and cabinets, the island is an extension to your existing casework. The space under the kitchen island also makes a great accessible space for the recycling bins.

A kitchen island serves as an informal dining area for the kids and also acts as additional kitchen island with seating when entertaining. The material options for an island are countless, if the cost is a concern, you can go for plastic laminate or solid surface man-made finishes. For mid-level spending, go for higher grades of solid surfaces or stained concrete. The high end of the cost spectrum includes butcher block, granite and custom exotic wood varieties. If you have been thinking that a kitchen island is just for show, you have now legitimate reasons why your kitchen can be benefitted from one. From storage to an additional kitchen island with seating, any home will love its versatility.

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