Reusing and repurposing things for indoor projects is a fun and economic way of designing something personalized for your home. One of such things to go for is DIY hula hoop décor. Hula hoops are one of our best friends when we are young and active but as we grow old, the only place for hula hoops is the basement.

We often find hula hoops lying around in the house but have you thought of making something out of it? Don’t worry; we have got your back! Here are some fun hula hoop décor ideas to go for your next indoor project. Check it out!

Incorporating new things from hula hoop is fun and fabulous and also is easy and requires very few materials. Hula hoops can be used in making many things such as rugs, chandeliers, centerpieces, wreaths, and many other creative décor pieces.

Pieces made from hula hoops are fine and functional and can be used easily at any corner of the house. After all, it is easy to be creative with hula hoops than to sweat with them!

    1. Rug


      Making rugs from hula hoops is one of the easiest DIYs; all you need is wool or used towels and t-shirts, towels, scissors, and a hoop. Go for a color scheme to make it more interesting. Make unified pieces of the product that you have selected and create loops. Go for colorful fabrics and create symmetry between colors to make it more interesting.

    2. Play Tent

      Kids Play Tent
      You kids will love these play tents made just from hula hoops and a fabric of your choice. If your kids love to play in their imaginary magical castles, this one is definitely the best way to keep them engaged.

    3. Party Décor

      Want to have a unique and easy party décor? Hula hoops are one of the best options to go for when you are short of time and want something interesting. Combine hula hoops with fabric strips and your virtually indestructible party décor is ready. Plus, this is a great choice when you have to travel with your décor.

    4. Hanging Light

      Hanging Light
      Whether it is for party décor, wedding décor or for any festive décor, hanging lights give much more definition to the place and make it look lavish. DIY hula hoop hanging lights can be fun to make as well as it doesn’t weigh much on your pocket. Also, giving a unique and personalized look to your place. Use material of your choice along with the hula hoop and add appropriate lighting to it and that’s it! Your hula hoop hanging light is ready.

    5. Wall Décor

      Wall Decor
      With hula hoop wall décor, there is plenty of room to show your creativity as you can use anything of your choice and make something to highlight your place. Wall décor can be anything ranging from a simple piece of art to a huge statement piece for your living room. And most of all, this can be the best option for those looking to give a bohemian touch to the place.

    6. Wreath


      Hula hoop wreaths are in the hottest trend right now especially when it comes to parties, weddings, and photo shoots décor. Hula hoops can be a versatile décor item with endless options to try on paired along with different décor items like balloons, flowers, and fabrics. Get this and have fun clicking pictures with this perfect photo backdrop.

    7. Photo Frame

      Photo Frame
      Who doesn’t like showcasing the photographs that carry memories with friends and family? Hula hoop gives you one of the smartest options to go for when creating a DIY Photo frame. You can go for a hula hoop photo frame that accents your wall or choose the one with a stand to make it stand out. All you need is a hula hoop, a wooden stand, some leaves and flowers, and of course your favorite polaroid.

    8. Party & Christmas Décor

      Party & Christmas Décor

      If you like being a host, you probably need a new theme and a new décor every time you host a party whether it is a birthday or a Christmas party; you have to come up with a new décor idea. Hula hoops can help you have a unique décor, fully personalized as per your needs and occasion.

    9. Hula Hoop shelf

       Hula Hoop shelf

      Hula hoop shelves are an ideal choice when going for a project to showcase toys and books. This shelf is easy to make thus can be done by anyone without having expertise.

    10. Dream Catcher

      Dream catcher
      Dream catchers are said to be helpful as an aid to neutralize negative energy and a sign of good luck charm as well. Hula hoop dream catcher is one of the smartest ways to give a bohemian vibe to your place without spending too much on materials. This will not only be a visually pleasing addition to your place but also a tool to reflect positive energy into the place.

    11. Chandelier shade

       Chandelier shade

      Upcycling your home is fascinating but it is crucial to find new décor ideas to make it unique and personalized. Adding a hula hoop chandelier shade is a perfect solution for adding a unique feature to cover an old chandelier.

    12. Cloche

      Garden DIYs are always fun activities and it gets more interesting when you can include your children to get you accompanied. Making a hula hoop cloche is such an easy task all you have to do is to cut the hoop into half and add bamboo canes to the end and push them into soil.

    13. Coffee Table

      Chandelier shade
      This might sound a bit too much but trust us, you can make an entire table by using spare hula hoops and it will make your place stand out. You can cut the hula hoop or can just use them as it is to create a base of your choice. Lastly, add a glass on the top and your out of the box coffee table is ready.

    14. Christmas Tree

       Christmas Tree
      What is staple in every person’s childhood? We can definitely say hula hoop. But having a spare one at some corner of the house is also a staple when one grows up. This Christmas tree made of hula hoop can give your Christmas décor an edge it needs and also is one of the easiest things to go for. Who knew a simple unused hoop can turn into something so elegant.

    15. Cake stand

      Cake stand
      Cakes are light in weight and a hula hoop décor can easily fit well with your décor. Also, this looks grand and promising when made and the best part is, it is an easy process. All you need is spray paint, hula hoop, craft knife, lumber, plaque, wood, and some beautiful flowers and your cake stand is ready.

    16. Camp Shower

      Camp Shower
      While camping, it is important that you get all the necessary belongings that are lightweight and multipurpose. Especially in open spaces, you need privacy and that can be achieved with the help of a hula hoop camp shower.

    Often we just keep it or even dispose of these hula hoops without knowing that they can do more than just help your kids play. These were some of our creative ways of reusing and repurposing hula hoops into something more useful and interesting. Tell us if you have some more ideas on DIY hula hoop décor.  

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