The creativity of a house can be mostly seen in its interiors, and if you are looking for creativity in a kitchen, then look at its backsplash designs. But, where can we find the backsplash space in a kitchen? Backsplash space is mainly denoted to those gaps present between the cabinet and countertop. To make these gaps look beautiful and creative, several backsplash ideas are present.

These ideas may include professionalism or DIY creativity. But, decorating the backsplash space with professionals may cost you a bit higher, as they will use quality and costly materials for that small space. But, these spaces can be filled with the least expenditure by using beautiful and stunning backsplash stickers. These stickers efficiently fill up the vacant space and they comfortably replace designed tiles and granites.

This article contains some of the general and extraordinary backsplash sticker ideas that have been mentioned below.

Extraordinary backsplash sticker ideas

  1. Black Granite Backsplash Sticker:

    Black Granite Backsplash Sticker

    To give the backsplash space a smooth and stunning look, it can be placed with black granite wallpaper or the backsplash sticker. This wall sticker is designed to resemble the black granite marble on the wall. This stunning backsplash sticker has multiple offerings along with its beautiful look, as it is waterproof, moisture-proof, mold-proof, and absorbs sound as well. This designed sticker can be combined with a cohesive theme kitchen to make it look more attractive.

    From a safety point of view, this sticker is completely environment friendly and also it is formaldehyde-free. This stickering idea fits greatly with renovation or can be beneficial in giving a classy look to old items. Opting for this sticker won’t cost you a lot, and it is easily available in stores. The installation of these stickers is quite easy as it can be done manually by using a quality adhesive.

  2. White Marble Design Stickers:

    White Marble Design Stickers

    Nothing can match the class of white marble as it can fit in most of the kitchen themes, but mostly fits elegant colors, especially white-themed kitchens. Most importantly, these white marble stickers comfortably fit in the backsplash space than any other sticker designs. This can cover up the whole area including the countertop and cabinet doors as well. These are 25mm thick self-adhesive wall stickers and they do not damage the surface, they are placed on.

    Moreover, these stickers are removable and we can take it off anytime. Another advantage of using these stickers is that they are water-resistant and can be cleaned using a wiper or a cloth using water. This sticker gives an elegant and clean look to the kitchen, especially the counter area, and makes the kitchen look beautiful all day. These beautiful stickers are a good replacement for kitchen tiles and reduce the overall expenditure on backsplash covering.

  3. Floral Wall Decal:

    Floral Wall Decal

    Kitchen walls are the areas that can be decorated using anything, especially a bright-colored design is great to use. In most of the kitchens, the backsplash area or the wall area next to the stove is covered with floral designs, mainly bright colored flowers. This makes the wall look more warm and eye-catching for everyone who enters the kitchen. These floral wall stickers are not much thick as the thickness varies from 0.5 to 1cm. These are available in pieces or small-sized stickers.

    Multiple wall stickers can be used to cover a large area. This wall sticker is easily removable and it comes with several necessary features like water-resistant, moisture-resistant, oil-proof. This self-adhesive sticker is made with non-toxic material i.e. PVC Vinyl material that makes it safe for use in the kitchen. Use this sticker on any plain surface directly with its self-adhesive feature and observe the beauty closely.

  4. Patterned Wall Sticker:

    Patterned Wall Sticker

    Another idea to get your backsplash to look stunning is by using a patterned wall sticker. In the market, you will find a lot of beautiful patterns, but small square patterned wall stickers look more simple but classy at the same time. This type of wall stickers adds visible interest to the kitchen and makes it look more refreshed than ever. Using dark-colored patterns is more ideal than using light ones as they will fit in most of the kitchen themes. We can use these stickers in both new installations or kitchen renovations.

    The only requirement to place this sticker on the wall in minutes is that the wall should be clean, dry, and flat. These wall stickers are devoid of stains, resistant to moisture and mildew and the color does not fade away easily. Moreover, these stickers are ideal for the kitchen as heat and humidity does not affect them. To install these stickers, it needs to be peeled and placed properly on the surface.

  5. Morocco Style Stickers:

    Morocco Style Stickers

    These stickers can benefit you in multiple ways. These stickers have more than one application as they can be used to avoid oil and grease stains on kitchen walls and can be directly installed on the tiles or can be used in place of tiles in backsplash spaces. To cover the whole backsplash area, multiple stickers will be needed. This sticker can also be used to cover a single tile by cutting a single square piece from the sticker.

    This Morocco-style sticker consists of multiple colored patterns that give a vibrant look to the wall. This sticker is made with material that keeps stain and water away and sticks to the wall until it is removed manually. This wall sticker is thick enough so that it can comfortably replace the necessity of tiles in the kitchen. And the most important thing about this sticker is that it can fit in most of the kitchen designs or themes.

  6. Honeycomb Style Stickers:

    Honeycomb Style Stickers

    These are the modern styled designs for backsplash space-filling. Normally, it is done using honeycomb or hexagonal-shaped tiles, but these tiles can be replaced using hexagonal or honeycomb-designed stickers. These stickers have an arrangement or patterns of hexagonal shapes arranged in a honeycomb fashion. These stickers are generally available in multiple colors, but using white-colored or dark-colored stickers will enhance the beauty of the kitchen theme.

    We can see this design popping in maximum homes and have better potential of impressing visitors. The most important benefit of picking these stickers is that they can fit every corner of the backsplash space with cut pieces too. You can use 3D honeycomb stickers as well to give it a more realistic and graphical view for the viewers. These stickers come up with a long-lasting adhesive that adds extra life to the backsplash interior.

  7. Bright Colored Stickers:

    Bright Colored Stickers

    Bright-colored stickers look classy on white-themed kitchens. Among the bright colors, sky blue or water-color stickers with simple patterns look amazing to the eyes. This color reflects natural light and brightens the kitchen space too. These stickers look luxurious in the all-white kitchen. These can be installed in a new kitchen and a renovating kitchen as well. Just make sure, these stickers will go well with white color.

    Try to get stickers that are stain and waterproof to avoid any disturbance in the overall beauty of the kitchen. Easy installation of these stickers is another crucial feature as they can be installed manually. If your kitchen is not white-themed, instead of that if any other bright color is used, then choose a bit deep color of the theme color in the backsplash area. For example, for light pink or cream color themes, you can pick pink-colored stickers.

  8. Brick 3D Wall Stickers:

    Brick 3D Wall Stickers

    These are the wall stickers that give a realistic view of brick walls. These are high-quality foam that is used to build these self-adhesive walls. Using these walls on the backsplash space is highly beneficial as it is waterproof, moist-proof, and sound insulated. The cleaning and maintenance of these walls require a wipe of wet cloth. These walls are produced with technical processing to last up to at least 10 years after installation. We can cut these stickers as per the need of the decor area and pasted using the long-lasting adhesive provided with the sticker. These stickers look quite beautiful with brick wall patterns and fit in all themes of the kitchen.

  9. Vinyl Wooden Stickers:

    Vinyl Wooden Stickers

    Nothing can match the beauty of wood-crafted walls. But, using wood covering on walls is very costly, hence this can be compensated using vinyl wooden stickers. These washable wooden stickers come with self-adhesive glue that is easy to install and maintain. Its real wooden grain appearance gives a real feel of nature and also adds a modern touch to your kitchen. These wall stickers are made with toxic-free PVC film. These films are safe and durable for years. Also, these stickers can be used to laminate the countertop as well as the cabinet doors too.


Decorating walls or interior has no limit as the latest designs and technologies are coming regularly. But, among all the available, certain designs have gained popularity in recent years. We use popular and stunning backsplash sticker designs in different kitchens in different parts of the world. Here, we have mentioned some of these popular sticker ideas and designs for decorating the backsplash space and making it more attractive for the visitors.

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