People often consider going for a textured wall to create a statement. But have you considered going for a textured ceiling? If not, you should not miss our exclusive list of different types of ceiling textures for every place. For most people, ceiling texture is something that is smooth or either popcorn textured and is limited to these common types. But do you know there are numerous types of ceiling textures that are beyond your imagination and have the capacity to transform the whole arena of the place. Don’t believe us? Here are some different types of ceiling textures for every style. Let’s check it out.

1. Smooth Ceiling

Smooth Ceiling
Source: Pinterest

Most modern homes have smooth texture as it is undoubtedly the most popular aesthetic. The reason is simply the illusion as it makes the ceiling look much higher than it actually is. Also, it makes the place look more spacious and airy because your eyes don’t get drawn to look up.   

2. Skim Coat Ceiling

Skim Coat Ceiling
Source: Pinterest

Skim coat ceiling textures is one of the easiest ones to go for when you are a do-it-yourselfer as it does not require any special skill. It is a thin coat of paint and can look good for almost any area. Just make sure to go for a darker tone to give a great contrast.  

3. Orange Peel Ceiling

Orange Peel Ceiling
Source: Pinterest

Orange peel ceiling texture gives a bumpy finish to the ceiling but is smoother in comparison to popcorn texture ceiling. Orange peel texture can be achieved by using a spray can and finished by using prime and paint. This kind of ceiling is not recommended for kitchens and bathrooms because of the small grooves present here that are difficult to clean.  

4. Popcorn Ceiling Texture

Popcorn Ceiling Texture
Source: Pinterest

Popcorn ceiling texture is one of the oldest textures that can be found in homes built around the 1960s to 1990s. This infamous popcorn ceiling texture was used widely back then as it is really easy to install and can easily hide the blemishes in drywall work. The only thing is that it needs regular cleaning to keep the dust from locking.  

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5. Stippled/Slapped Brush Ceiling

Stippled /Slapped Brush Ceiling
Source: Pinterest

Want something more defined than the usual smooth and popcorn texture? This slap brush ceiling texture comes in handy. Here all you have to do is to apply the premixed compound to the ceiling and press slap brush into it. Also, this one is a great idea if you are looking for a different ceiling texture for your next DIY project.

6. Knockdown Texture

Knockdown Texture ceiling
Source: Pinterest

This is one of the beautiful ceiling textures to go for when you want a random and imperfect look for the ceiling. This method retails high water to form the sharp pointy peak which is then scraped over to get an ultimate knockdown texture.

7. Comb Ceiling Texture

Comb Ceiling Texture
Source: Pinterest

If you want to create something unique of your own, comb ceiling texture is the best one to go for. Apply a layer of drywall mud to the ceiling and before it gets dry, drag a com-edged trowel all over the place. The resulting texture will make it look more edgy and unique.  

8.Tree Bark Texture

Tree Bark Texture
Source: Pinterest

As its name suggests, this texture resembles the look of the bark on a tree. This texturing method looks good with homes that are old or built by considering the older charms to maintain the flow. This can also be used when you have imperfections that need to be covered.

9. Spray Sand Texture

Spray Sand Texture ceiling
Source: Pinterest

Spray sand texture resembles the orange peel texture except that here there is sand mixed with the compound to give a grainy look. This can be applied with a hopper gun or paint sprayer to give an even effect. This texture is best for covering imperfections and absorbing sound.

10.Sand Swirl Texture

Sand Swirl Texture
Source: Pinterest

Sand swirl texture is something that gives an attractive and vintage aesthetic to the place. This half circle pattern is enough to catch the attention of guests and to achieve an old world charm with its vintage aesthetics. Of course this can also be used to add depth to the ceiling and to improve sound insulation.    

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11.Skip Trowel Texture

Skip Trowel Texture ceiling
Source: Pinterest

Skip trowel is one of the most used types of drywall finish and you can create infinite patterns using the trowel. But make sure you are handy enough before using the trowel as it can be a bit tricky to get an even pattern for the whole area.   

12.Floral Ceiling

Floral Ceiling
Source: Pinterest

This elegant ceiling texture is something that is difficult for the DIYers as it is a bit tricky to get that luxurious flower and petal designs through the ceiling. If you want to accent the place and make a statement with your ceiling texture, this is definitely the best choice.   

13.Lace Ceiling Texture

Lace Ceiling Texture
Source: Pinterest

Unique and stylish – These adjectives perfectly define the lace ceiling texture. To achieve this texture, all you need to do  is apply a drywall compound and then run a shoelace across the ceiling before it gets dry. This can be challenging to remove so take good care before going for a pattern.

14. Rosebud Ceiling

Rosebud Ceiling
Source: Pinterest

Looking for an easy option for ceiling texture for DIY projects? Go for the rosebud ceiling texture. You can easily achieve this texture and any flaws can also be hidden with a smart use of brush. If you want to give more of a classical style, rosebud ceiling texture is a good choice.

15. Fish Scale Texture

Fish Scale Texture
Source: Pinterest

Fish scale texture is a perfect design for an antique or classic place and not many places have this texture. It is rare to find and is uncommon among modern homes. This can be easily achieved by texture brush, wallpaper brush, or roller nap.

16.Unique Ceiling Texture

Unique Ceiling Texture
Source: Pinterest

If none of the conventional ceiling design makes sense to you, you can create your own unique ceiling texture by combining more than one colour and then giving it a pattern of your choice. This is a cooler choice for those who want to replace their boring ceiling with something more unique and personalised.    

17.Linear Metal Ceiling

Linear Metal Ceiling
Source: Pinterest

Who said textures can be achieved with colours only? This linear metal ceiling will look great with modern décor to create a shiny and elegant look. This is one of the great choices for a hallway or the open room and looks great for an architectural apartment.

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18.Sheetrock Ceiling Texture

Sheetrock Ceiling Texture
Source: Pinterest

Sheetrock ceiling texture provides more artistic appeal to the place and can match with almost any home aesthetic. This is nothing but a series of straight lines applied on the surface of the ceiling but has the ability to transform the look of the place.

19.Drop Ceiling

Drop Ceiling
Source: Bob vila

Not all ceiling textures can be accommodated with all areas of the home. Drop ceiling texture is the perfect choice for the basement as it will not only keep the sound in check but also help in keeping the room full of light and maintain its feel.

20. Textured Ceiling Paint

Textured Ceiling Paint
Source: Pinterest

Here is another unique choice for you if you own a vintage or classic home as textured paint will give a Victorian feel to your place. Go for muted colours to maintain the aesthetics and keep the place filled with lots of light to make it look more elegant.  

21. Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling
Source: Pinterest

Nothing is more perfect when you have a place that has decent length that is paired with a coffered ceiling. The coffered ceiling has a series of sunken panels that are shaped in square, rectangle, or octagon. Pair this textured ceiling with lots of light and get your vault-like look.  

22. Victorian Ceiling

Victorian Ceiling
Source: Pintress

When it comes to vintage and elegant style, nothing can beat the Victorian décor. If you own a large space, nothing is more elegant than the Victorian textured ceiling. Pair this with some antique light pendant and you are all set to make your place royal.  

Home renovations are fun if you really have an idea about how to make a statement. While everyone gets the opportunity to be creative and make their home look spectacular, people often forget about the most interesting part for a home décor, that is- different types of ceiling texture. Also, you can be more creative with this and extend the ceiling texture to complement the walls. Experiment with these types of ceiling texture patterns and tell us which one you like the most!   




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