The floating desk serves as a solution to distinct challenges of different designs. If you don’t have a place for a home office, you need to create a trick to get your work done. Whether it’s a place to keep a family computer or a quick homework spot for your teen, these floating desks DIYs are the perfect space-saving solution.

DIY Floating Desk Ideas

When you live in a small space, but you want to have a desk, it is difficult to fit in one Wall wall mounted desk is an easy solution because they take up much less space than the average office desk but there are still 12 examples of functional different style wall desks. This floating desk DIY saves space, which adds functionality to your home.

  1. Window style:

    Window style
    Source: The Spruce

    The niche of this window is certainly beautiful, but its corners have created a strange nose that wastes space. Enter the broken design, who has transformed this fun space into a functional workspace to fit the space with a custom-built floating desk DIY. Odd-angled corners like this are an awkward fit for most commercial furniture pieces and a custom-built hanging, floating desk like this is the perfect solution.

  2. Mid-century Modern Style:

    Mid-century Modern Style
    Source: Houzz

    A super space-saving wall-mounted desk in industrial and rustic style. A rectangular top is a straight edge piece of hardwood in natural brown. Round wall mounts, as well as supports, are made of black metal plumbing pipes, elbows, and fittings. Floating computer desks come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and shapes. Curved or angular desks can add a retro look to a room or contribute to a modern accent, while a traditional themed wall-mounted secretary desk creates a more formal and focused workspace.

  3. Simple:

    Simple Floating Desk
    Source: Ellison Made

    A super contemporary wall-mounted bookshelf. It is made of rectangular and wooden materials so that the brown shade in the middle is quite good. It is screwed to the wall and secured with 2 strong, thin metal ropes. A floating computer desk is not only ideal for saving space; It can provide additional storage drawers or display shelves. Most wall-mounted computer desks feature a matte minimalist design. We can choose these fit seamlessly into any home or office to match any decor in their color, materials, and style.

  4. With storage space:

    With storage space
    Source: Floating Shelves

    Wall-mounted, this desk delights with its affectionate, contemporary appeal and space-saving standards. Absolutely minimal, it will provide strong and stable construction for your PC or audio device. A unique design for a futuristic, wall-mounted floating computer desk made of dark pine wood. The rounded edges of the desk give it an unusual look, and the drawers provide some extra storage space.

    If you’re looking for a space-efficient solution for an office or study room, take a look at this wall-mounted computer desk made of white-colored wood with lots of shelves for extra display capabilities. An aesthetic space-saving wall-mounted floating desk DIY made of wood materials finished in white. It has a rectangular top, pentagonal sidewalls and is decorated with 3 open front niches.

  5. Wooden Set:

    Wooden Set
    Source: Define Bottle

    A walled, floating computer desk with a dark, burned aura and a walnut wood desk with a smooth finish will be required. There are two drawers on each side of the desk, as well as a sliding shelf for a keyboard. Wall-mounted, this elegant white office with storage and hatches will make a great addition to any contemporary home office. Smooth, lightweight construction breathes fresh air.

    An aesthetically contemporary wall-mounted computer desk of wooden materials finished in black. It has floor-length side panels with curved front edges. A deep pocket-shelf is at the bottom of a rectangular desktop. A computer niche flanks the front shelves. This wall-mounted computer desk offers a great space-saving proposition for all contemporary studio or office spaces. Its smooth, white finish will bring a smooth, contemporary character to the room.

  6. Contemporary:

    Contemporary floating desk
    Source: Wallpaper Iphone

    A good patent for all small interiors. This fabulous contemporary office not only adds a contemporary chic to the space but also saves your valuable floor space. Creates a loving appeal with bright wood, black framing, and tops. Wall-mounted, compact computer work table with a desk and floating design for a few storage shelves, all made of white-colored wood that fit nicely with the bright walls and curtains on the side.

  7. With Shelves:

    floating desk With Shelves
    Source: Mint & Pine

    A cool wall-mounted floating laptop desk made of white wood materials. It has a rectangular body, 3 open front shelves (long central one contains a corkboard), a folding down desktop and an angled organizer, hidden in a drawer at the bottom. The ancient method of wall-mounted laptop desk made of dark oak wood. The desk hides several functional buggies for storage as well as a magazine rack on the back of the piece and a few drawers at the bottom.

    Wall-mounted desk can be installed in almost any room, and while their main purpose is to provide a solid work surface for work, they can easily double as your needs, such as a dining table or additional storage spot.

  8. Curved:

    Curved floating desk
    Source: Pinterest

    Modern arrangements for compact and space-efficient home offices are equipped with floating, wall-mounted desks made out of plywood. The set has a floating cabinet and a dresser made of the same type.Take a floating computer desk made of wood with a simple yet exquisite colorful belly black coat. The desk has a shelf at the top for displaying photos as well as a few bogies for storage and cork boards.

    A great contemporary wall-mounted floating desk made of pretty brown wood material. It has a simple rectangular top, an open front shelf at the bottom, the pentagonal panel supports the canted front edges. A fabulous project that provides a floating working station. This white computer desk with storage delights with its bold design, a great solution for contemporary home offices.

  9. Aesthetic:

    Aesthetic floating desk
    Source: Humanscale

    Cleverly designed, this wall-mounted computer desk not only saves space but also attracts attention with its inevitable appeal. A self-contained floating workstation with all the amenities you may need. This wall-mounted computer desk forms a stylish and functional spot for decorating someone’s bedroom. Its bright wooden counter with a height adjustment mechanism is compatible with the metal base.

    Finding just one such desk is one of the easiest ways to solve the shake of a non-existent home office. But if you’re short on space. The perfect solution for you might actually be a wall-mounted or a floating desk. These shelf-like setups provide you with the workspace you need without cluttering up your limited floor space.

  10. Elegant:

    Elegant floating desk
    Source: Atzine

    This wall mounted computer desk not only saves space, but also creates contemporary decor accents. Slowly curved shelf lines provide a smooth, lightweight application to the construction. An aesthetically contemporary wall-mounted desk with a rewritten frame of brown wood materials. The two deep open front shelves are below a rectangular top. A hatch with a molded top has an open front shelf around a central niche.

    A compact approach to a floating computer desk made of wood with a wall-mounted, colorful black coat. There are a few hang shelves on the side of the desk as well as a big bigger one at the top for the Curio display. A cool space-saving wall-mounted desk of white wood materials. It features side panels with positive front edges. A rectangular style desktop, as well as a computer niche, are surrounded by open front shelves.

  11. Simple and creative:

    Simple and creative
    Source: Interior Design Ideas

    Attached to a contemporary office chair with a modern-wall-mounted floating computer desk, an aluminum frame and a lazy leather seat with a frame made of glossy and polished restored wood in a dark shade. Minimal design for a wall-mounted workspace computer desk, with a crude and imperfect color made of light pine wood. There are several shelves next to the desk which gives it extra storage capacity. Floating desks DIYs are also suitable for the smallest spots in your home. Some are designed to go into unused corners, others fold and pop out when you’re not working and these all give you the workspace you need. Now all you need is a nice desk lamp to go with it.

  12. Corner:

    Corner floating desk
    Source: Pinterest

    Bring some contemporary chic to your office space with this fabulous wall-mounted computer desk. Natural wood served in a loving, contemporary form will add a sophisticated appeal to any space. Illuminated by multiple tiny lights, it will create perfect working conditions. This shelving system is wall-mounted and has a large shelf that is just the right size to use for a desk.

A great modern floating desk DIY concept that is very popular for any type of workspace is a floating desk with floating shelves on top of it. This kind of combo looks very laconic and stylish, it is ideal for modern, Scandinavian, minimalist, art and many other places. The floating desk is usually wider than the top shelf to make it comfortable to sit on, and they usually match the shelf and desk with the same plywood or wood.

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