Nothing is more relaxing than enjoying a glass of wine with your loved ones after a long tiring day. And you know what acts like an icing on the cake? Your mini home bar. If you own a large space, you can set up a bar almost anywhere in the home but a basement bar has its own charm and can be more than a corner to enjoy your drinks. Yes, a basement is a very useful place in the house but do you know you can use it to have a basement bar besides using it for storage purposes. A basement bar acts as the prime spot for entertaining guests and to host parties whenever you are in a mood for. Are you ready to create a compelling space in your home that is visually appealing and practical in sense? Here are some handpicked basements bar design ideas to make it your comfort place.

  1. Vintage Vibes

Vintage Vibes Modern Basement Bar Design 1
Source: Pinterest

What is more appealing than a vintage basement bar that wows your guests even without going the fancy way? Vintage never goes out of style and makes your basement bar look irresistible and old world. This laid back setup will immediately uplift the feel of the place while also helping you have plenty of space to indulge in other activities. 

  1. Farmhouse Feels

    Farmhouse Feels Modern Basement Bar Design 2
    Source: Pinterest

If you want to transform your basement into something that is completely different from your home décor, this farmhouse basement bar is the best choice you can make. Just look at the vibe of this place having the farmhouse setting. Add some statement elements such as beer-cask tap and gear-and-spoke-wheel wall cabinet to finish off the look. Trust us; you will completely go into peace mode as soon as you enter this place. 

  1. Home Pub

Home Pub Modern Basement Bar Design 3
Source: Pinterest

Enjoy the happy hour at the comfort of your home with this home-pub theme that has a very effortless setting with hanging lights and sheer brick wall. Pair the glass or marble countertop with low stools and home-made menus. Also, make it look more attractive by adding casual table-by-the-wall for anyone here for a quick snack.   

  1. Man Cave Bar

Man Cave Bar Modern Basement Bar Design 4
Source: Pinterest

Are you looking for basement bar ideas that are modern, elegant, and luxurious at the same time? If yes, look no further and just go for this luxurious man cave bar theme. Go for a sleek marble countertop and transparent cabinet to showcase your liquor collection. Complete the look with orb lights and deep blue hues and people will forget it’s just a basement bar and not the regular one.   

  1. Classical and Chic
Classical and Chic Modern Basement Bar Design 5
Source: Pinterest

Nothing, really nothing beats the vibes that comes with the classic and chic basement bar décor. This décor seems simple yet it has so much to offer and can make your guests instantly fall in love with the place. The chic elements such as glass mirrored bottle shelves, beige sackcloth, and horizontal backsplash tiling make this place luxurious.

  1. Gaming Room + Bar

Gaming Room and Bar Modern Basement Design
Source: Pinterest

If the sole purpose of setting up a basement bar is to spend some quality time with your guys, then we have a perfect basement bar design idea for you. A classic bar covering the wall with elegant seating is there in every bar but what makes this place unique is this pool table and the screen. Here you can enjoy a gaming session with your boys and also watch your favourite football team win on the screen and party hard. 

  1.  All black lux basement bar
All black lux basement bar Modern Basement Bar Design 7
Source: DecorPad

Let us tell you what we love about this setup. EVERYTHING. From modern dark tones, designer bar stools, fine wood elements, and overall lux vibes, everything is pure magic. The wooden finish with marble top and the black walls effortlessly brings the sense of grandness and opulence to the place. Go with velvet fabrics and mood lights to finish off the décor and bring the luxury of a seven star bar to your home.  

  1. Add built-ins
Add built-ins Modern Basement Bar Design 8
Source: Pinterest

Even if you own a large space, it is very important to make use of the available pace to the fullest. Going for built-ins to store all the required things can make the place more practical to use. Having built-ins becomes very important when you are going for a wet bar as this requires lots of storage space.

  1. Small Basement Bar idea
Small Basement Bar idea Modern Basement Bar Design
Source: Decors nob

When owning a small space, you have to act smart in order to make the optimum use of the space while also keeping it clean and classy. Try mixing up a few styles and elements to get a whole bar that is just perfect for the space. Go for grey undertones and use elements such as metal bar stools and exposed brick wall with built-in storage space and a statement piece.

  1. Bar Corner

Bar Corner Modern Basement Bar Design 10
Source: Pinterest

Another small basement bar idea to go for is this cute little bar corner that helps you enjoy your basement bar without occupying more space. You can also go for a multipurpose bar corner with built-in storage space to store other things in addition to the liquor bottles.  

  1. Statement Ceiling

Statement Ceiling Modern Basement Bar Design
Source: Pinterest

If you want to give your basement bar an old English charm, going for a statement ceiling can help you achieve that look. This ceiling can be textured or metallic and can be paired with some great lighting to give your basement a complete glow up. This is not only a great décor addition but is also a smart way for hiding any irregularities in your ceiling.

  1. Hollywood Island Bar

Hollywood Island Bar Modern Basement Design 12
Source: Pinterest

This place is sure to make your friends envious because of its Hollywood theme that will make your basement bar look as if it is a movie set. All you need to do is have a dedicated wall for the bottles and if you have a wet bar you can also have a small modular kitchen there. Have an island with a marble countertop and set the chairs and you are good to go. The power of clean lines and soft brown wood will do the rest.   

  1. A little Show Off

little Show Off Modern Basement Bar Design 13
Source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t like to show off their things every now and then? If you are one of them, opt for an open bar and display all you have on the dedicated wall. Don’t forget to add some décor pieces to make the place look more polished. Take care to keep it well organised and clean and you will be all set.

  1. Personal Space

Personal Space Modern Basement Bar Design
Source: Pinterest

If you are not a “Host” kind of person and want your basement bar to be just about you and your private escape, you will love this idea. Go for a perfect corner that suits you best with the view and lighting and have your personal bar setup. Add a little bistro nook to make the place more intimate and cosy.  

  1. Bar Plus Restaurant

Bar Plus Restaurant Modern Basement Design 15
Source: Pinterest

If you own an underground basement, think about having your own personal restaurant along with a bar. You can take notes from the local clubs and add little tables for dining, nook for dinks and also to make it more realistic, add a black board displaying your everyday specials. Your guests will love it!

  1. Hotel Lounge Vibes

Hotel Lounge Vibes Modern Basement Bar Design 16
Source: Pinterest

If you love travelling (Like we do), one of the most relaxing spot for you would be the hotel lounge and it’s easy breezy atmosphere. Make your basement an epitome of sophistication and class by giving it a makeover and turn it into a hotel lounge. Keep the ambience comfy with mood lighting and dimming lights and of course comfy seating.   

  1. Classic L-shaped

Classic L-shaped Modern Basement Bar Design 17
Source: Pinterest

You can NEVER go wrong with classics and that’s the beauty of it. This classic L-shaped bar is all you need for your small basement to turn into a local bar you will get tempted to visit for the rest of your life. This style is not as unique as others but still provides the utmost comfort.

  1. Innovative & Unique

Innovative & Unique Modern Basement Bar Design 18
Source: Pinterest

If none of these ideas match your imagination of your basement bar, don’t worry. There is always room for a DIY idea to design your basement bar that is innovative and unique in its own way.

Pro Tips

  •       Decide whether you want to go for a wet or dry bar beforehand to get the necessary things installed into your basement bar.
  •       Give room to the bartender and take care of the seating space around the bar.
  •       As basements are a comparatively dark place, get your lighting choices right based on the theme you go for.
  •       Focus on the countertop used for serving the bar as there are chances of spilling your drinks and try to avoid natural wood.
  •       If you are going for a wet bar, including a backsplash is a must.

Whether you are looking for vintage, unique, or modern basement bar ideas,  make sure you go for the right theme and right material depending upon the area, climate, and how well you can maintain things at the basement bar to keep it sleek and welcoming at all times.  




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