Who doesn’t love a flash of green color in his room. Many of us have several indoor plants in our house. But if you can place them properly on a plant stand, the whole vibe of the room changes. The look of the room enhances to another level. Plants provide you oxygen and also increases the aesthetic value of your indoors. Some indoor plants are also there that release a soothing and calming fragrance. You can reach the local home repair shop or you can check them online. Indoor plants are easily available in the market.

Most Creative and Beautiful Indoor Plant

Here are 17 most creative and beautiful indoor plant stands for multiple plants. We have tried to mention the most quirky ones. Please go through the article to know more.

  1. Showcase shelf design:

    Showcase shelf design
    Source: Pinterest

    We all love things that enhance the indoor looks of our house. This is the perfect piece of indoor plant carrier that not only holds more than five plant pots but also enhances the look of the room! Generally these pieces are made with fir wood. The whole piece is made with wood only and they are free from rot and pest. Six – Seven tiers are generally available in these stands. You can also customize as per your requirement. You just need to reach the designer and ask him to add or remove some of the tiers as per your requirement.

  2. Metal stands for 2 plants:

    Metal stands for 2 plants
    Source: Amazon

    If your room is very small and cannot house big stands, these small yet sturdy stands are perfect for you. You can place it at any corner of the room. You can choose a corner where sunlight comes during the day time. In this way your plants will get a certain amount of sunlight for some hours of the day. These particular pieces are for two plants. You can keep one on the upper tier and the other one in the lower tier. You can buy these stands with scroll works going on all the parts of the stand.

  3. Ladder Stand:

    Ladder Stand
    Source: Amazon

    This is one of the most attractive decorative plant stands available in the market. It’s like a ladder with broader steps. You can put your favorite plants on different steps according to your preference. The rustic style adds that extra quota of aesthetics of your room. It looks rough yet goes perfectly with the indoor decorations of your house. This is sturdy in nature and houses lots of plants with pots on it. You can place it in any corner of your room. If you have a living room, place this ladder on the side of your television cabinet and see how the look changes just with this one addition.

  4. Five tier metal stand:

    Five tier metal stand
    Source: Amazon

    Metal indoor plant stands for multiple plants are very popular these days. People are buying these stands as they are quite affordable and look fantastic. You can place more than five plants on such stands. Generally these stands are made in such a way that you can place plant pots on every side of the stand. It looks absolutely stunning. You can place plants that grow quickly on the top steps. This will create a natural canopy on the upper side of the stand. These stands are made with wrought iron and hence they are free from rot and pests.

  5. Bamboo stand:

    Bamboo stand
    Source: Pinterest

    This stand has five steps and you can place six plants on these steps. On the bottom step, you can place two pots on both sides of the stand. This will give the stand a sturdy and firm grip on the ground. Rest of the four plants you can place on either side of the stand. The steps are made in a zigzag way. The bamboo planter is quoted with rot free and pest free substances. Hence you can place it even in your bathroom. The height of the planter is not too high. Hence you need to choose small plants for the shelves that do not grow too fast.

  6. Hanging plant stand:

    hanging plant stand
    Source: ebay

    This indoor plant stand houses more than 12 plants on it. It also has an extended section on the top most part of it. You can place hanging plants on it. This stand is foldable. You can assemble the parts very easily. This is quite lightweight in nature. Every step has lots of space available for several plants. Hanging baskets are easily available in the market and in online shops too! Get yourself some designer bamboo baskets and you are good to go.

  7. Heavy wooden stand:

    Heavy wooden stand
    Source: Amazon

    This indoor plant stand stand is made with heavy duty solid wood. This can house around eight plants of different sizes. The rustic look of the stand will increase the indoor aesthetics value of your room. Generally these stands are made with pine wood. Choose the planters wisely as the bad choice can ruin the whole look of your room.

  8. Mountain bamboo stand:

    Mountain bamboo stand
    Source: YouTube

    This looks similar to ladder stands but this one can house more than ten plants. You can place the small cactus on the upper step and other plants on the different steps. If you love to make small plant ecosystem pots, this stand is perfect for you. You can place those planters on the bottom stack of your beautiful stand.

  9. Checkerboard four tier stand:

    Checkerboard four tier stand
    Source: Amazon

    If you want to add that extra zeal to your indoors, this is the perfect indoor plant stand for you. Anyone that visits your room will admire the beautiful piece for sure. The sunglider checkerboard four tier stand can house more than five plants. If the plants are small, you can even place around 8 of them!

  10. Wrought iron plant stand:

    Wrought iron plant stand
    Source: Wind & Weather

    This plant stand has room for more than 10 plants. It looks similar to book shelves with no back side. You can place colorful pots on every shelf of the stand. The stand is made with powder coated metal and hence this is free of rot and pests. You can easily assemble this and this is easily washable too!

  11. Broader bamboo stand:

    Broader bamboo stand
    Source: Amazon

    These indoor plant stands for multiple plants are easily available in the market and come in different shapes, designs and sizes. The steps are quite broad and one can place a lot of plants on these steps. This is made with natural bamboo and hence you are actually placing plants on a natural base. Your plants will definitely love their new house!

  12. Bicycle stand:

    Bicycle stand
    Source: Desertcart

    These metal stands are quite decent when it comes to plant stands. You can place around three plants on them. You can also gift this three tier plant stand to your friends and family. The size of the stand is very small and hence you can only place small saplings and cactus on this. The construction is quite sturdy and you can place or on the centre table of your living room.

  13. Corner stand:

    Corner stand
    Source: Pinterest

    We sometimes get confused with what to place on the corners of the room! Now your confusion ends here. This is a perfect planter for your house and you can place many of them at different corners of the house. These are three edged wrought iron made plant stands. The front side is curvy. You can place around six to eight plants on this stand.
    Multi tier planter for small rooms: If you love white color, you will love this design too! These indoor plant stands for multiple plants have with six steps and you can place around seven plants on this stand. If you live in a small space, you can add extra green flush to your room. This looks breathtakingly beautiful. If the indoor walls are painted white, this is your pick for sure.

  14. Four step bamboo plant stand:

    Four step bamboo plant stand
    Source: Amazon

    Again if you have small space in your room, place this at any corner of the room and place as many plants as you want. You can also place some creepers on the hands of the stand. It will look ethereal with the creepers on each side of the bamboo stand.
    Fruit basket shaped plant stand: White plant stand with wheels is the best thing you can buy for your indoors. It looks breathtaking. Each step has basket shaped side walls with mesh like structure. Your plants and your planters get air through the mesh too! Top most part has a handle to move the whole stand from one place to another. If you place small to medium plants, it can house more than 12 pots.

  15. Macrame plant holder:

    Macrame plant holder
    Source: London Craft Club

    You can place around five plants on five steps of the plant holder. Each step is like a pocket and you can pin the whole thing to your wall. Place your succulents and cactuses in this hanging plant stand. The white colored macrame is easily available in online stores. Choose the color you want for your indoors. If your indoors are painted white, this will look beautiful on your kitchen side wall.

End note:

These are some of the planter ideas for you. These are basic to moderate pieces of indoor plant stands that are available online. If you want, you can take inspiration from these designs and make your own indoor plant stand. If you are creative and you have vision, you can create some beautiful green aura in your room.

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