Fall is officially here and with this, the pumpkin season finally arrives! Pumpkins are everywhere and we can’t wait to decorate our homes with pumpkins, be it Halloween décor, fall porch décor or centrepieces. Pumpkins infuse personality to your place and make your place ready for the festivities but carving the pumpkins for décor can sometimes be messy, tricky, and dangerous. This fall season, try these no carve pumpkin decorating ideas to give your home a unique look.

Decorating pumpkins is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the fall season. To find all the inspiration you need, check out our video and playlist featuring amazing Pumpkin Decorating Ideas.

Pumpkin Painting ideas with Images

Classic Black & White Painted Pumpkin

black and white striped Pumpkin Painting ideas
Source: Decorpad.com

If you are looking for simple painting ideas for a pumpkin that looks elegant and classy, this black and white striped pumpkin is the best one to go for. All you need to do is paint the whole pumpkin white and after allowing it to dry, draw black vertical stripes. Trust us, nothing beats the classic feels of black and white decor.

Cute Black Bat Pumpkin

No Carve Black Bat pumpkin decorating
Source: Pinterest

Paint your pumpkin neon (any color of your choice) and add black paper bats to your pumpkin to add that spooky touch. Also, match this with the surroundings and keep it in a darker space to get the best effect.

No Crave Monogram

Painting ideas Monogram for pumpkins
Source: Pinterest

When going for no carve pumpkin decoration ideas, you need to make it look more fun and attractive. This monogrammed gourd can be useful to display the family members initials, your house number or even a hidden message. 

Scary Skeleton Pumpkin

scary Skeleton pumpkin painting

Searching for a spooky Halloween Pumpkin painting idea? Try this skeleton pumpkin made by stacking two pumpkins, a wide one for the head and a rounder one for the body. Paint the pumpkins into white and draw the skeleton by black paint and see the magic yourself.

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3D Drip Painted Pumpkins

3D Drip funny Painted Pumpkins
Source: Pinterest

3D painted pumpkins are the best one to go for if you are searching for no carve pumpkin decorating ideas that are unique and also makes your place look one of a kind. Puff paint is an easy way to have that 3D effect without carving the pumpkin.

Rainbow Walkway Porch Pumpkin

easy Rainbow Walkway pumpkin painting porch

Give your walkway a total makeover by using these rainbow coloured pumpkins. It’s not always necessary to go for spooky décor for fall as these captivating and colourful décor options can sometimes be a great option. Design your walkway with these colourful pumpkins and make your outdoors look cheerful and soothing.

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Abstract Face Pumpkin

Abstract Halloween painting Face Pumpkin
Source: aubreeoriginals

What is spookier than abstract face painted pumpkins for the Halloween décor? Start by spray painting the pumpkins with matte pastel colours and draw faces of your choice with quirky details using acrylic colours and you are Halloween ready. Easy enough?

No Crave Googly Eye Pumpkin 

No carve Googly Eye pumpkin
Source: Bliss at Home

Want scary pumpkin painting ideas? Try these googly-eyed pumpkins and make your décor scarier than ever. Just paint your pumpkin all black and after allowing it to dry, stick as many as googly eyes you want. To make it extra scary, add lighting effects to this setup.  

Unique Pumpkin Kittens Painted

pumpkin Kittens painting ideas for adults
Source: All You

Trust us, you’ll never be able to find cute and easy pumpkin painting ideas than these pumpkin kittens. Just look at the sheer cuteness these pumpkin kittens bring to the whole décor. You can also hide these kittens amidst the bunch of flowers to make it more realistic.

Simple Gingham Painted Pumpkin

Gingham no carve pumpkin Painting
Source: Pinterest

Give your front door, porch, or the entryway a colourful and vibrant look with the help of these gingham painted pumpkins. For this look, go for bright colours like neon, yellow, pink, and just witness your home turning fall-ready.  

No Carve Scary Mummy Pumpkin

No carve Mummy Pumpkin
Source: Pinterest

You can also make these scary no-carve mummy pumpkins by using cheese cloth or white fabric to cover the pumpkin. Add a couple of big googly eyes and your mummy pumpkin is ready for the décor.

Cute Scary Floating Ghost Painted Pumpkin

Painted pumpkin inspo Floating Ghost
Source: Pinterest

How about having some fun with the trick or treaters with something spooky yet charming? All you need to do is paint the pumpkins with black and add white paper ghosts to this setup and you are ready for Halloween.

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Pumpkin No Crave Flower Sash

Pumpkin flower cute easy painting sash
Source: Pinterest

Give your pumpkin a peculiar treatment by having this sash made from fresh or faux blooms. Paint the pumpkin with the colour of your choice and have this sash around it. To make it more attractive, go with natural blooms with multiple colours.

Mini Pumpkin Unicorns

Mini pumpkin painting Unicorns
Source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t love unicorns? Mini unicorn pumpkins make the great décor option if you want to engage your kids with the fall décor. This colourful décor option will help you have a vibrant décor this season.

Pastel Ombre Pumpkin Painting

cute easy Ombre Pumpkin painting
Source: popofgold

Eye popping ombre coloured pumpkins make a great centrepiece. Try out this elegant and super classy ombre painted pumpkins in any colour of your choice to match your décor. Add some shimmer and witness the sublime décor yourself.

Matte Metallic Painting

Matte Metallic pumpkin painting
Source: Decoart

Matte & metallics always make anything look more elegant and classier. If you are going for a minimal décor yet want to add that bling into the space, use these metallics to design your pumpkin and transform your place into a sophisticated yet cool place.  

Shimmers & Glitters Pumpkin

glitter light up Halloween pumpkin painting
Source: Pinterest

Shimmers and glitters help you get that festive vibe around the place. Plus, they have many options for décor from having a whole pumpkin covered with shimmers, giving an ombre effect, or just highlighting your pumpkin décor, all by just using spray adhesive or glue. 

Witch’s Hat Pumpkin Ideas

Witch’s Hat scary pumpkin
Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for easy pumpkin painting ideas that are simple and subtle yet spirited, try this witch’s hat pumpkins. All you need to do is spray paint the pumpkins in any darker hue and top it with a festive hat.  

Fabric Pumpkins

Fabric All around No Carve pumpkin
Source: Pinterest

Make your no-carve pumpkin decoration a secret thing by wrapping your pumpkins in fabric to have a draped look. Pick fabrics, colours, and designs that complement the rest of the décor.

Drip Color Pumpkins Painting

Drip Color cute easy pumpkin painting
Source: Pinterest

Drip colour pumpkins have endless room for interpretation and you can rock any style of décor with the help of this idea. Paint your pumpkin with a base colour, let it dry, and allow the wax colour to drip down the pumpkins from top. Nothing messy but super classy!

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Cute Thumbprint Pumpkins

Easy Thumbprint Pumpkins
Source: fullybloominglife.wordpress.com

It’s always fun to include kids into the festive preparations to make them feel more indulged in these things. Let them get messy and leave their mark for the mini-monsters. No need for perfection, just pure fun.  

Pumpkin Turned Vase

Halloween Pumpkin Turned Vase painting
Source: bloomandwild.com

Its time you try something new with the fall décor. This non-traditional fall décor with pastel palette makes this centrepiece swoon-worthy. Paint your pumpkin with any pastel hue and add a bunch of trendy foliage at the top to make it look like a vase.  

Fall Leaves

easy Fall Leaves pumpkin painting
Source: Brandon Goldman – Getty Images

This fall leaves décor makes a great décor piece for indoors as well as outdoors. All you need to do is gather some faux or real fall leaves and stick them all around the pumpkin and you are ready to host your thanksgiving dinner.

Funny Olaf Pumpkins Painting

Olaf scary painting Pumpkins
Source: Pinterest

There are endless options for pumpkin paintings and this one is one of our favourites. Stack two pumpkins together and paint one as body and other as head. Use tree branches to make hands and use a couple of these at the head. Want to make it spookier? Use branches to make a free floating head.  

No Carve Minions Pumpkin

No Carve Minions
Source: onekindesign

Minions are the best friend of your kids. If you are looking for a funny pumpkin painting idea that would fill your place with laughter and joy, try these no-carve minions. Trust us, kids will love this.

Mini Candy Jar Painted Pumpkins

Mini Candy Jar Halloween Pumpkins
Source: Pinterest

Make these unique mini pumpkin jars and let the guests be in awe of your creativity. Fill clear jars with candies and treats. Add smaller pumpkins that work as the lids that are decorated with buttons, felt, googly eyes, zippers, etc. to create faces and features.

Pumpkin Painted Balls of Fire

Balls of fire Pumpkin Painting
Source: Pinterest

This scary pumpkin painting idea is here to make your place look Halloween ready in no time. Paint your pumpkins to look like a ball of fire and place them wherever you want. A lighting complementing this setup will be an icing on the cake!

Pun-kins Pumpkin Painting

Pun-kins Pumpkin Painting ideas
Source: Pinterest

Want a funny pumpkin painting idea? Bring out the Chandler in you and have your home filled with humour and puns with these amazing pun-kins. When looking for pumpkin painting ideas, this might be one of the easiest opportunities to show your sense of humour effortlessly. Who said pumpkin painting ideas for adults need to be ordinary?

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