Gardens are always captivating and provide calmness to the whole house. The beauty of this place makes your morning soothing and your nights full of fun and laughter. It is important to have a design that gives an organized and sophisticated look to your place.  If you are looking to build a brick pattern walkway in your garden or backyard, try these patterns, styles, and materials to create a visually charming and stylish-looking place. Creating a brick patterns for curved walkways can add visual interest and a unique touch to your outdoor space. These brick walkway patterns pictures will make you rethink your curved walkway design.

Let’s first understand some basic rules about the walkways. The walkway needs to be a minimum of five feet wide to have a comfortable walk for two people side by side. Secondly, choosing the right shape along with the right material is crucial. There are many cost-effective materials to choose from like gravel, dirt, or mulch. But solid materials like concrete pavers, brick, or bluestone are the most stable and safest choices for a walkway. We have summed up some great brick patterns for walkways that will change your perspective towards your garden walkways. Let’s dig in.

Beautiful Brick Patterns for Curved Walkways

19 Brick Patterns for Walkways to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

1. Running Bond with Curved Border

Running Bond with Curved Border
Source – Pinterest

Lay the bricks in a traditional running bond pattern for the main part of the walkway. Create a curved border using soldier course bricks (bricks placed vertically) or header course bricks (bricks placed horizontally) along the edges. If you don’t want to invest more time and resources in your brick-patterned curved walkway, this simple yet effective brick pattern for the walkway is just the perfect solution for your walkway.

Running Bond
Source: RCS Supplies

2. White Brick Pathway

White Brick Pathway

For coastal homes, one of the most sought-after brick walkway ideas has to be this beautiful white brick pathway. This white-painted brick pathway is all you need to give your home a perfect coastal touch. Make it look more exquisite and raw by adding some sea sand to the edges. The garden will look more colorful as this white pathway will work as a canvas to showcase the beautiful plantations all around the place.

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3. Herringbone Brick Path

Herringbone Brick Path
Source: KaraGrubis / Getty Images

Arrange the bricks in a herringbone pattern for the main walkway. This pattern is visually appealing and provides a strong interlocking structure. This design will give your garden a unique and personalized feel. Create a curved edge by gradually adjusting the angle of the herringbone pattern to follow the curve of the walkway. This may be a trick one to go for but trust us, once completed, you will not regret spending your resources here. This brick walkway Herringbone pattern will transform the whole look of your garden.

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Herringbone Brick Pattern
Source: Flexstone Inc.

4. Red and Rustic Walkway

Red and Rustic
Source: Tree and Stone Landscape Construction

A red brick pathway with a rustic twist will not only make your garden brick path ideas look elegant but will also help you give that Victorian feel to the place. This theme will bring out the raw beauty of the garden and create a visually appealing picture. Paint these bricks with soothing shades of red to match them with the overall décor.

5. Basket Weave Brick Walkway Ideas

Basket Weave Brick Walkway Ideas
Source: The Todd Group

Use a basket weave pattern for the central area of the walkway, where bricks are laid in pairs both horizontally and vertically. This can be done by combining the bricks as dual, triple, or quad horizontally or vertically as if it were a weaving basket. Introduce a twist by curving the edges of the basket weave to follow the shape of the walkway.

6. Circular Walkway

Circular Walkway
Source: The Kings Masons

Design a circular brick pattern radiating outward from a central point. This can be a great option for a focal point or a circular patio at the end of a curved walkway. You can also go for this circular pattern at the intersection or to highlight or make a focal point. This brings out a great visual interest if done around a fountain or patio in the garden.

7. Zig Zag Brick Pathway

Zig Zag Brick Pathway
Source: Next Luxury

When you have a lush green lawn and want to add some character to your garden, try this zig-zag patterned brick pathway. This arrangement of bricks will work as an attractive texture to add that extra element to your garden. As the backdrop is minimal, this won’t make the place look overemphasized.

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Zig Zag Brick Pattern

8. Curved Brick Pathway with Mixed Pattern

Curved Brick Pathway with Mixed Pattern
Source: Designing Idea

If you want to create an illusion of a bigger walkway, try out this brick pathway with a mixed pattern. Cover the sides of the walkway with a running brick pattern and go for the zig-zag pattern for the middle portion. This will add dimension to the curved walkway also making the garden look bigger than it actually is!

9. Clean and Chic Mix Material Walkway

Clean and Chic Mix Material Walkway
Source: Mojo’s Lawn & Landscape Service, Inc

To create a clean and well-organized look, try out this burnt clay walkway with white brick edging. If not, you can also go for a good combination of brick and cement pathways to get that smooth texture for a walking path covered with colored bricks or just simple red bricks. Brick and stone also help in creating a patchwork-quilt path that leads past beautiful gardens to a cozy seating area.

10. Framed Walkway

Framed Walkway
Source: Brick Walk

To make the walkway more in tune with nature, try these framed walkways covered with low, small shrubs on both sides. This will make your garden low maintenance and also help in creating an aesthetic appeal in the space. This adds a sense of personal touch to the place making it look warmer and more natural.

11. Flemish Bond Pattern Walkway

Flemish Bond Pattern Walkway
Source: Virgin Landscape LLC

Flemish bond is one of the most traditional patterns used for a brick pattern for curved walkways. This pattern is aesthetically attractive and works well for the gardens with a narrower walkway. Here, stretchers and headers are laid alternately in a single course making it look more attractive and unique.

Flemish Bond Brick pattern

12. Stack Bond or Jack-on-Jack Brick Pattern

Stack Bond or Jack-on-Jack Brick Pattern
Source: Google

Stack bond is a common pattern used for curved brick walkways. It is made up of rows of stretchers with each stretcher directly centered on the stretcher below it. Here, the horizontal edge joints and vertical edge joints are continuous, and all joints run vertically down the wall. This pattern allows you to have a sense of continuity and larger space when you have a limited walkway.

Stack Bond Brick Pattern
Source: Pinterest

13. Whorled Brick Pattern

Whorled Brick Pattern
Source: Carter Photography

A whorled brick layout is a little bit complicated and, therefore, may be a time-consuming project or need professional help. Usually, there is one brick header in the center, with a circular design of stretchers radiating outwards in increasingly larger circles. Bricks that are cut into wedges are inserted between the stretchers to fill in the gaps. This can be an expensive option to go for if you are running on a budget.

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Whorled Brick Pattern
Source: thespruce

14. Grid Block Pattern

Grid Block Pattern
Source: Ginkgo Leaf Studio

In addition to bricks, Grid block layouts require wood or other materials to lay out sections throughout the pattern. Each section consists of a design of any kind, which usually is a basket weave pattern to form a perfect square. Some builders also opt for pinwheels or stack bond designs in each section to make it look more interesting.

15. Serpentine Path

Serpentine Path
Source: Julie Moir Messervy Design Studio

This is one of the best brick garden path ideas if you are looking for a walkway that goes all the walkway from driveway to front door. This pattern creates the appearance of a spacious and denser area. To make it more charming, let the dense layers of evergreens that outline this path add to the secluded appeal and let the visitor surprise with a breathtaking view on each bend.

16. Random Brick Paver Walkway

Random Brick Paver Walkway
Source: Designing Idea

Create a more natural and random look by using different-sized bricks or pavers and arranging them in a free-form pattern that follows the curve of the walkway. This way, you can keep the look more casual and random while also creating a great visual treat that compliments the structure of your garden.

17. Fan Pattern Pathway

Fan Pattern Pathway
Source: System Pavers

Arrange the bricks in a fan-shaped pattern radiating from a central point. This pattern can be adapted to follow the curve of the walkway. This pattern can be commonly seen made from cobblestone but you can have this made by painting the bricks of your choice to make it look more attractive.

Fan Brick Pattern
Source: Swtexture

18. Irregular Offset Pattern

Irregular Offset Pattern
Source: Stone Works Design

Lay the bricks in an irregular offset pattern, where each row is not perfectly aligned with the previous one. This creates a more relaxed and informal appearance, and you can adapt it to the curves in the walkway.

19. Diagonal Running Bond Walkway

Diagonal Running Bond
Source: Macario Full Service

Lay the bricks diagonally in a running bond pattern. This can be an attractive option for curved walkways, adding a dynamic element to the design. This is one of the simplest ways to give your walkway a brick pathway without creating a fuzz.

When creating brick patterns for curved walkways, remember that cutting bricks to fit the curve may be necessary. Plan the layout carefully before starting the installation, and consider seeking professional advice if you’re unsure about the best approach for your specific brick walkway designs.

brick pattern design
Source: Inspiredpencil

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