Home improvement and decoration are processes we can enjoy with colors, patterns, themes, and interiors. Curtains or drapes are an indispensable part of every interior decoration. Especially, curtains for the living room should be lavish and decorative. The purchase of living room curtains may be an overwhelming task for you and it also covers a significant part of your overall interior decoration budget.

Pick the curtains that suit your window designs and fulfill the purpose of having privacy without compromising on aesthetics. Want to know how? Scroll down to learn amazing tips to choose the best curtains for the living room.

First of all, decide what you want; Drapes or curtains? Both are different in terms of fabrics and styles. Drapes have thick fabric compared to curtains and they are seen in formal settings most of the time like high-end restaurants and hotels. On the other hand, curtains are fabric panels that are generally seen in every house to cover the windows. Drapes for the living room having floor length makes the room look larger.

Are You Got Stuck? Here Are Some Basics About Curtains

Window curtains for the living room are the center of the decor theme. They serve the purpose of blocking the natural sunlight and giving privacy. On the other hand, some curtains -sheer curtains- act as excellent furniture pieces to use as a transition between indoor and outdoor living areas. How would you decide on the fabric, pattern, and other important things while making a purchase? Let’s have a look at some basics:

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Define The Purpose

Curtains for the living room have the purpose to block the passage of light. Conventionally curtains and drapes are treated as soft window treatments. If you want curtains to block air, light, and view, choose thick fabrics like velvet and flannel. If you want curtains to add a feeling of warmth or softness to the atmosphere, choose designs accordingly.

Sometimes you need curtains and drapes to have privacy. Dark colors will help you serve this purpose. Drapes for the living room may have a different purpose. They are heavier and lined, often with fabric thick enough to obstruct natural light. Drapes are the way to go if you want to create a layered aesthetic over sheers or add an element of natural light management.

How Lengthy The Curtains should be?

Firstly, decide the length of the curtains as it is a crucial part of curtain decoration. It should not be too short or too lengthy. Perfect size can be achieved by measuring the height of the curtain rod and the gap between the ceiling and the rod. Modern curtain designs for the living room have a floor-length size that gives a perfect look. If the curtains are excessively short, they will throw off everything else in the room and visually reduce the height of the ceiling.

How lengthy the curtains should be
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Secondly, decide whether you want ready-made curtains or want to customize them. If your budget is tight, choose ready-made window curtains for the living room from five standard measures- 63 inches,84 inches,95 inches,108 inches, and 120 inches. Custom-made curtains are expensive but you may design them according to your taste and choice.

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What height should they be suspended from?

There are various methods of hanging the curtains according to their type. Curtains hovering just above the floor are the best curtains for the living room as they add sophistication to the overall interior of the living room. Window sill curtains end right at the window sill and become the most suitable for areas nearby the dining room. Apron curtains have an extra fabric of about 4 inches from the window sill. So, hang them accordingly.

Floor-length curtains are the common choice among homeowners for the living room as they look beautiful and are easy to operate. Hang them exactly at the curtain rod and make sure that their end touches the floor. You will easily find floor-length ready-made modern curtain designs for the living room floor online or offline. Lastly, if you want the high-end look, hang the curtains in a way that puddles on the floor and keep an extra 1 to 3 inches downside.

What Are The Best Fabrics And Trends?

There are so many different materials for curtains to choose from, ranging from rich velvet to casual linen. Always consider two parameters before selecting any particular fabric for curtains for the living room. The looks that you want to create and the practical purpose that curtains are supposed to serve.

What are the best fabrics and trends
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It is a very interesting part that can change the tone of the living room. Fabrics have a direct impact on the looks and texture of the curtains. If you want to control the sunlight coming in from windows, choose dimout fabrics. Sheer fabrics are good for a minimalistic look. Heavy fabrics are suitable for bedrooms.

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Valances For Living Room

Valances, the ornamental frilled cloth put at the top of window curtains, are a great way to dress up your space. A valance can provide a sense of height to a window, hide drapery hardware, or add a splash of color and texture. Measure the size of the window and decide the purpose of the valances.

Valances for living room
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You should also consider how much privacy you require in your living area. If your living room is in the front of the home, for example, you may prefer the utility and adaptability of combining a living room valance with a blind or shade. Layering a full-length sheer curtain behind the valance is another option if you have lengthy living room windows.

Final Lookout

The final item that completes the décor is the living room curtains. With so many fabrics and styles to select from, it might be difficult to pick just one. The most essential deciding elements are the height of the window, the length of the curtains, the function of the curtains, and the textiles.

We hope that after reading this advice, you will be able to choose the best curtains for the living room. Enjoy decorating your home and keep reading for more home décor ideas and tricks.

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