Being an NFL head coach doesn’t only come with the responsibilities but has some great perks too. Don’t believe us? Just take a tour at this multi-million dollar home and see for yourself. Yes, we are talking about Kliff Kingsbury’s mansion that went viral on social media ahead of the 2020 NFL draft. Kliff Kingsbury doesn’t flaunt, doesn’t brag or doesn’t show off but has causally shown the mansion he lives in and that is something you won’t see every now and then. This $4.5 million architectural masterpiece in Paradise Valley inspired Lego replicas and shows how magnificent life the Cardinals coach can lead. Let’s jump directly to the tour of Kliff Kingsbury house and see for ourselves the perks of being the head coach of the NFL.

Kliff Kingsbury’s Arizona Home Backyard with Pool
Source: Eric Kruk Photography

You can never get enough of this huge mansion and we are not exaggerating. In 2020, when the pandemic hit the world really hard, players were forced to stay indoors and required to get the selection process done through software from their homes. This event brought this huge mansion into conversation. Kliff Kingsbury house took twitter by storm as soon as the photos were released online. Although, according to Kingsbury, the photos were staged and the beautiful place was made to look like a phenomenon, it was nothing less than a dream project.

Sneak Peek into Kliff Kingsbury House

Kliff Kingsbury House
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This 7200 square feet custom built house that sits on about an acre of land was completed in the year 2017 and Kliff Kingsbury managed to get this house at $4.5 million. This house was custom built by world-renowned architect Ilan Pivko, and is an example of sheer elegance. This house consists of four bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. The picture that went viral on twitter shows Kingsbury sitting in the living room and shows the spectacular resort-style backyard showcasing a great view of Camelback Mountain.

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Location of Kliff Kingsbury House

Kliff Kingsbury’s Arizona Home Front Gate
Source: Eric Kruk Photography

This huge pad is located in the posh area of Paradise Valley,which is a beautiful town of about 15000 people. This place is located between Phoenix and Scottsdale and is famous for its million dollar estates and its luxury resorts. This house has a unique architectural style and any place at the back of this house has an elegant view of Camelback Mountain. Another plus point about this place is that it is very convenient for home games as this new construction is close to State Farm Stadium.

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What is hidden in this room that Twitter isn’t showing?

Kliff Kingsbury’s Arizona Home Interior (2)
Source: Eric Kruk Photography

To see certain things, one needs to have the eye of a skeptical person and who is better at finding things out than the twitter users? What is hidden here? A full-height, double sided wine enclosure that holds about 500 bottles of exquisite wine that forms part of Kingsbury’s private collection. The kitchen is equipped with a built-in teppanyaki grill, Subzero and Wolf appliances, and coffee machine. What else is a hidden gem here? A massive bathroom, five-car garage, and a personal theater space.   

Kliff Kingsbury’s Arizona Home kitchen
Source: Eric Kruk Photography

This house is not only a huge mansion to live in but is also the ultimate work-from-home hangout because of it’s distinguish features such as floor-to-ceiling glass walls, a seamless between the indoor and outdoor space because of the front and the back doors, a dramatic living space, and ultimate placements of elements. All these things combined makes it a one of a kind luxurious stay and undoubtedly one of our favorite celebrity homes. What is our favorite pick? The dreamy backyard. We are not going to get over it anytime soon.  

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Some Outstanding features of this Architectural Marvel

The sleek architecture offers views of Camelback Mountain from every room in the back of the house. This luxurious place is designed by Ilan Pivko making the resort-style backyard with a pool and spa its highlight. The landscaping luxuries include grassy lawns, new paintings, and palm trees that are nothing less than a breathtaking view.  You know what is the highlight of this backyard? It’s this resort style pool and spa. This house consists of a “palatial” master suite with an “over-the-top” spa. Also, the layout includes a large gourmet chef’s kitchen with high-end appliances and Great Island.

Kliff Kingsbury
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The house is equipped with world’s finest appliances and the materials used include one of the finest metals, marbles, and fixtures. This place is a dream home with features like the floor to ceiling windows, massive fire pit, huge pool with an integral spa, outdoor pavilion with a pool bath, and a massive outdoor entertaining section with several refrigeration units and barbecue station. This place is stylish, sleek, crisp, and uncluttered. Nothing, really nothing about this place is worth criticizing. (Except for the fact that we would never get a chance to live here!)

Reactions to Kliff Kingsbury House

While lots of jealousy was seen after the photos were released, there were some reactions we cannot just let them out of our system. Some reactions were: “I can’t stop thinking about Kliff Kingsbury’s living room”, “Kliff Kingsbury lives in the Palace of Versailles?”, Robert Mays says, ‘Getting kicked out of Lubbock, Texas was the best thing that’s ever happened to Kliff Kingsbury.’ While Aaron Torres says ‘Kliff Kingsbury went 35-40 in six years as head coach at Texas Tech, and 19-35 in the Big 12. And this is how he was rewarded. Sometimes life really isn’t fair’.

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Kliff Kingsbury’s Arizona Home interior
Source: Eric Kruk Photography

Do you want to know what Kingsbury himself had to say about these pictures going viral on social media? While we know that he had staged the photos just to make it look more cool and luxurious, he clarified certain things in his media interaction. Kingsbury told NFL network: “Going into it I knew I was going to be super extra in the picture” “I do think the fire, it was 100 degrees and sunny, was a bit much, but I laid four phones on the table because the NFL gave us a couple. All the screens, I just wanted to make it as extra as possible and it turned out good. It was fun. The NFL only allowed us to have one person at the house or I might’ve had some people on the float swans in the back, or a DJ, really doing it big. There’s always next year, hopefully.”

Kliff Kingsbury’s Arizona Home Glass sliding Outside
Source: Eric Kruk Photography

It is a once in a lifetime experience to live in this mansion and also to show the world this beauty as it was meant to be shown. Kliff Kingsbury has a vibe. His style and cool attitude makes his surroundings look even more upscale and cool. This marvel is here to rule and it is hard to beat the vibes these photos are giving and to tell the truth, we are never going to stop obsessing over this place. Not now. Not ever.

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